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  • Are tomatoes a fruit or a vegetable?

  • Really, the answer comes down to who you ask.

  • A chef would say that fruits are sweet and fleshy, eaten as a snack or dessert, while

  • vegetables are savory and lower in fructose, eaten as sides or part of a main dish.

  • But a scientist, on the other hand, would say all these things are just "plants".

  • And the seed-bearing structure formed from a plant's ovary after flowering is called

  • "fruit".

  • So in scientific terms, that means familiar things like apples, oranges, and pears are

  • fruit, because they have seeds.

  • But it also means that things we usually say are vegetables, like pumpkins and avocados,

  • are actually fruit too, because of their seeds.

  • So what about tomatoes?

  • We know what science would say: because tomatoes have seeds, they're fruit.

  • Just like avocados and pumpkins (weird, right?).

  • But really what we call "fruit" or "vegetable" reflects cultural and culinary traditions,

  • not science.

  • These cultural and culinary traditions tell us to think about how these plants taste,

  • and how we use them when we cook, meaning the savory tomato is probably considered a

  • vegetable by most non-scientists, just like these other botanical fruits we usually call

  • vegetables.

  • So, are tomatoes a fruit or a vegetable?

  • They're both.

  • Either term is appropriate, it just depends on the situation.

  • And even if you tell a chef that they're fruit, tomatoes might not taste great

  • in a fruit salad.

Are tomatoes a fruit or a vegetable?

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