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  • that room is just like all the master have to go True.

  • So the formula in the in the Dow said When you go into the dot until you cannot be dark there, are you gonna see like So?

  • Actually, when I do, the research is the same thing as the recorder Moloch, Tony and Saleh, Tony and FYI, M O and the Empty.

  • That is what the West discovered that the mt.

  • And if I am or so all the drug producing this Okay.

  • And the darling?

  • Yeah.

  • And on the we call psychedelic drugs, right, It producing the D M t s O that people take it the signal so that they are body.

  • Yeah, I just area I just went to Costa Rica.

  • Drink I Alaska has and yeah, I've got the experience.

  • I know.

  • So that is the whole key off that.

  • Okay, so now in the Dow way, they're gone.

  • Toe all these drugs before they called immortal Pew.

  • Imada pew!

  • It's a lot off all kind of opting inside there so day and one major portion is mercury and the border.

  • They think that bottom agree toe one level and they have south first for?

  • For us the meto and they have precious stone or boy because the metal can be stopped by the metal only can be stopped by the mercury.

  • So you put the metal in the D solve it and you get me Jack and ticket.

  • But they, no matter what you do, they still some person.

  • So when the ticket in, it's like taking poison and the bone, I got body producing.

  • Ah, fighting effect, Andi Esteem Late A debt hormone on the top of the head and that's the TNT.

  • So the day empty people experience when they go to court, the water they dropped and that is the time the d m d.

  • But do it producing the person and your seating, and the source would then run out and we see we should see thing and you see so many things.

  • So if the same thing like I'm a medic, must room pick our is half poison and not very poison the year Oh mushroom is make it because you don't kill you right away.

  • But they make you close to death, and it's stimulate the GMT.

  • So do you use up the dont the store in the moment that right on the piano class So we got the death home So that home on the took out the fire mo you see color See wishin you walk to the war five mdot and I remember Oh yeah, and the DMG make you feel like you're separation.

  • Okay, so sweet.

  • Go out You know a lot about psychedelics or yes, because my my my study and my expert this is my I do all this thing many, many years.

  • Yeah, in the website will This is really and we compared to them.

  • Why so now?

  • Fair amount You experiment with magic mushrooms?

  • No, no, I don't want become my muster Want me that week the dow go to so long and this one is totally ditto One way because many 1000 years we're really going to this Ok?

  • And finally they they said no, we have to return back to internal AARP.

  • You you want to connect with your internal energy source in the sauce?

  • Okay, which is biased in human being that but in the dark room you producing it, you're not draining it.

  • There is the whole key.

  • So now and the masters used to go through this dark room there as part of their training.

  • Right?

  • And that's where you got the idea to teach other people to do this.

  • All right.

  • And how does it work?

  • How long do you need to be in the dark?

  • Ah, one week, Portola.

  • Totally dark.

  • Eat everything is in the dark room.

  • But the hokey had understand that when we we are we have putting when you go to sleep at night.

  • So I alway I alway my master said Kabul, your I and for the year plaque so dark.

  • So we knew, Doc the body producing Moloch Tony on.

  • But when in the morning, the monotone in your producing at night it turned to solid Tony.

  • So day and night already finished.

  • But one yuk one used when you go in the dock and you'll come your my and not speak and come everything down in the dark Now the body producing more Mala Tony five minute Graham 20 a 10 minute Gramp.

  • 20 25 minute Graham.

  • When?

  • When the melatonin producing 25 mg.

  • Now we have enough to produce it because it is the same chain.

  • It exactly the same thing is the mala Tony.

  • So when it 25 split in tow, I m o So now you see just standing the east wing there after second day when the or the third day.

  • You have enough, Mullah Tony, Because you don't like how we convert the Martin into Saleh.

  • Tony.

  • Okay, so when you have no converting Saleh Tony, we have enough producing for I m o and you see Lycee Colisee, Regency Mendy, or see past life.

  • Okay, Very strong.

  • Five emu.

  • Why Ray Strong?

  • And now, when the fire will finish, when you have more violent more.

  • Now, if you stay to the third off what day?

  • Not a final have enough.

  • It turned to the empty and now you're sitting there.

  • You feel hate something if you're something or get out of your body.

  • And that is we caught the source.

  • We wanted to leave the body.

  • So now we have to control them Where the control them?

that room is just like all the master have to go True.

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