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  • I got it.

  • Hello, Danny.

  • Hi.

  • It's Alex.

  • Long time no see.

  • Yeah, fine.

  • Is this a bad time?

  • Uh, no, no, no.

  • I I met somebody.

  • So So you think my husband and kids are replicants this sweetheart, You know, we ought to make sacrifices in our personal relationships.

  • She's there.

  • Uh huh.

  • Well, give her a kiss for me and Dan, I'd like to leave you with one final bit of advice.

  • I'm in the book, though.

  • Would it tell you the truth?

  • Were living together?

  • Yeah.

  • In her name is Debbie.

  • Oh, thank you.

  • Tell her same.

  • You.

  • Bye bye.

  • Don't tell me your cousin now, that was my mom.

  • Mom.

  • Disappointed?

  • You won't be sleeping with her anymore.

  • It was no girlfriend.

  • That it mean it's it's history.

  • You heard me say All right.

  • It's OK.

  • I guess I just always have to get usedto.

  • Um, you know, what kind of tea is this?

  • Could, cause it's actually pretty good.

  • What's going on here?

  • Do you not want me here?

  • You're right.

  • I don't mean we gave this our best shot and it didn't work out.

  • What the hell we tried.

  • I mean, this is nuts.

  • I mean, we talked about this once for what?

  • 10 minutes in bed?

  • It's not all that complicated.

  • It's already different.

  • I mean, this changes everything.

  • Things are gonna change a little bit.

  • Look, we're not Siamese twins.

  • Will not get refused to hip.

  • We're not talking about marriage, are we?

  • No.

  • Well, then, all right.

  • I mean, but you're gonna have your life and your friends.

  • I'm gonna have always covered.

  • You always have just the right thing to say.

  • So what do you think?

  • My responses are programmed.

  • Do you think of Ah, replicants?

  • You think you're gonna give me that?

  • I'm sorry.

  • I made this in Girl Scouts.

  • Nice.

  • It was for my hope chest.

  • Hey, this is our place.

  • You're not an overnight guest anymore.

I got it.

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