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  • now.

  • Luckily, you still had one more big goal to accomplish and that was to win the world Strongman.

  • And before we get to there, I was wondering if we could find out why was that something that you ever wanted to dio?

  • When did that start?

  • And were you always, you know, £350.

  • So again one of my earliest memories is sitting around is always TV.

  • That amazing eyes with most people have been crazy.

  • How that can create, you know well, records and giants Just something on a television.

  • It's not so one of those memories again is sitting around the TV with the whole family.

  • Mom, Dad Brothers!

  • Nah, nah Grandad all sitting around the TV Christmas watching the will Strongest month Andi, I remember watching athletes like, you know, retakes of Geoff Capes and Bill Cash Maya Magnus Ver Magnusson and Samuel Samuel, Magnus Samuelson and John Paul Cygnus in Andi.

  • These guys were just you looking, Auntie, especially if your kid the last super heroes these guys that are pulling planes, pulling trucks, that bending bars, that lifting out the stones and was mesmerised by its and you know what really sort solidified in my head was how mesmerized my moment Dad were.

  • That's when you realize that this is something special.

  • And I remember saying to my moment, Dads, one year we're watching a strongman at Christmas I said, I'll be on there one day.

  • I'll be It will strongest month on the old burst out laughing Hold very six years old, six years old at most Yeah, on do you know, I suppose I laughed along with them, but I think so consciously, it hurt my feelings.

  • It don't deep.

  • I was like, I've said, I'm going to do something that have been pushed back.

  • I've been negative, been been shunted, negative comments again.

  • And it's just more call just helped you, because if in these days everyone would have been really nice and politically cracking, I said, Eddie, you could be anything you want, Teoh.

  • Which means maybe you wouldn't have done it, Which is what I would probably say to my son now, right?

  • And ruin his chance and probably really is chance.

  • Well, yeah.

  • I mean, in a world where we're all super politically correct, right, And where people are asking what is masculinity?

  • You compete in something that is the ultimate display of masculinity.

  • You think about that Sometimes you know where everyone watches it.

  • Like you said, you saw your parents to six years old.

  • They're fascinated by it.

  • You can't.

  • You can't fake that.

  • I think that stops.

  • The beauty of strong minded is people know my walk.

  • You know you can.

  • You can do fighting.

  • You can do all sorts of different fighting and old hopes the different sports.

  • But I think the end of the day the human race wants to know who is the Alfa and the world's strongest man in my eyes and as a child that decided that that fact, Who is the Alfa?

  • Whoever won the world's strongest man was the Al for of the world.

  • Andi, that's why it mesmerized me in a way is I want to be that guy.

  • I want to be the Alfa.

  • And you said every man wants to be the Alfa true do right, whether they want to admit it or not.

  • Rabidly, do every do or not.

  • Most would say now that if, say, if somebody said to May I'm not bothered, I don't what I wouldn't want to be the offer.

  • You know a guy I don't wanna be.

  • The Alfa Mine on the male on the planet.

  • Fuck off, you lying piece of shit.

  • Everyone wants to be the outfits, their dream to be the Alfa.

  • Maybe when people get older and, you know, get comfortable with the lives that are lost.

  • But I think a minor young mind ambition, you know?

  • Well what to do in my life.

  • What would you want to be the world's strongest one if they said no?

  • The line.

  • They all lying.

  • No doubt about it.

  • Okay?

  • Everyone wants to be the world's strongest man.

  • No way.


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