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  • The goose that laid golden eggs

  • Once upon a time, there lived a farmer,

  • who owned a farm with many chickens and geese in it.

  • He used to sell the eggs and earn his honest living

  • Farmer's goose never laid any egg

  • and ate a lot

  • Farmer didn't know what to do?

  • One fine day when he was collecting eggs

  • he saw the same goose had laid a golden egg

  • A yellow egg! Oh my! A GOLDEN EGG

  • I can get a good fortune for this one golden egg

  • The farmer was more than happy to get a golden egg everyday.

  • He had sold many golden eggs and had become rich.

  • I am so fortunate that I have got a goose

  • that lays a golden egg every single day.

  • Farmer had bought a huge mansion for himself

  • which was full of luxuries and comforts

  • but soon the farmer became greedy

  • and began to dream about becoming the richest man in the world

  • Now I have all the luxuries

  • I need to live a comfortable and happy life

  • But a single golden egg everyday won't make me a rich man soon.

  • Farmer's greed knew no bounds

  • as he wanted to become a rich man

  • He had decided to fetch all the golden eggs from the goose

  • as soon as

  • He finally was fast asleep

  • dreaming of becoming a rich man

  • Next morning as soon as he woke up

  • he went to the goose's pen

  • finally,

  • today I will get plenty of golden eggs

  • Without thinking of the consequences,

  • greedy farmer harmed the goose

  • and was left empty-handed

  • Oh no!

  • there is not a single golden egg in her stomach

  • What I have done!

  • I harmed the one

  • who gave me a golden egg everyday

  • and have made me so rich

  • Farmer lost the his favorite goose

  • because of his greediness and stupid decision.

  • It is truly said

  • too much greed always leads to some sort of downfall and great loss

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The goose that laid golden eggs

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The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg | Short Stories for Kids | Aesop's fables in English

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    Eunice Lin posted on 2020/08/17
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