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  • -Happy birthday, Arvin. -Happy birthday, honey.

  • Happy birthday to you.

  • Well...

  • this was your daddy's.

  • Brought back from the war.

  • I figured it was time to pass it on.

  • That's the best present I ever got. Thank you.

  • How and why people from two points

  • on a map without even a straight line

  • between them can be connected

  • is at the heart of our story in Knockemstiff.

  • You ever think about how we ended up

  • orphans living in the same house?

  • I know what my daddy did.

  • Some people would say it's just dumb luck.

  • -You take pictures? -I do.

  • When I see a smile pretty enough to photograph,

  • that is.

  • Others would tell you it was God's plan.

  • "Blessed are they who hunger

  • and thirst for righteousness."

  • That ain't no preacher.

  • He's as bad as they got on the damn radio.

  • When people look back on it,

  • they'd had no other choice.

  • There's a lot of no-good sons of bitches out there.

  • Excuse me, Preacher.

  • You got time for a sinner?

  • You know, I studied something.

  • It's called the delusion.

  • A belief that is untruth.

  • It is our delusions that lead us to sin!

  • Delusions!

  • Some people were born just so they could be buried.

  • What I'm about to do,

  • I do

  • because I have to.

  • Not because I want to.

-Happy birthday, Arvin. -Happy birthday, honey.

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