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  • is this thing on wear alive?

  • I know it's been the longest I think we've ever gone without posting videos.

  • And I'm really sorry for worrying you guys who's in a lot of thinking.

  • And we've made a lot of big choices.

  • And if you can't tell we're not in Japan right now, we're actually back in Canada.

  • Let me tell you moving and flying from one country to another during Cove it very stressful.

  • 10 and attend Do not recommend doing it currently were in the two week mandatory quarantine period that you have to do in entering back into Canada.

  • And I just like to say, you know, Pat myself on the back that I've been doing really well with the food that I'm eating.

  • I've been eating three very well balanced meals a day.

  • There's three go for murder, death, getting lots of fruit in.

  • This counts peaches, right?

  • Enjoying all aspects of the college food pyramid.

  • I mean, the food pyramid looks like it's from another era.

  • So weird discounts is a meal.

  • Right, guys?

  • Right, guys, right.

  • You know, all the normal things that all of us have been eating wall in hibernation.

  • I mean, quarantine With covert running amok worldwide, we've all been making Q changes like the whole world has had to change.

  • Literally.

  • Every single person has been affected by this.

  • Our original plan was to stay until after the Japan 2020 Olympics.

  • And as food bloggers, it's It's pretty difficult for us to be going to restaurants to even be suggesting to people to go to restaurants in the middle of basically tons of shutdowns and quarantines.

  • It's completely irresponsible.

  • So until things start changing, we realized, you know, we've got to make some big changes ourselves.

  • But you know what?

  • We've tackled changed before, You know, we were teachers when we moved to Korea.

  • Then we moved from Boo Jon into Seoul.

  • Then we opened up the church empty studio.

  • Then, from there, we decided to move to an entirely new country where we didn't speak the language or read the language and start from scratch all over there again.

  • And here we are again, making another big change from back to Canada.

  • I'm not gonna lie.

  • Leaving Japan was an incredibly difficult decision.

  • I absolutely love it there.

  • And I know that Simon was pretty devastated about not being able to go to the Olympics because that's been a big dream of his since he was a kid.

  • Who knows?

  • Maybe the 2020 Olympics plus one well, actually happen.

  • I would never do you know what?

  • That's it.

  • Bam!

  • We are starting from scratch again.

  • We're starting with a blank slate for our channel.

  • We're gonna be pursuing whatever videos make us happy.

  • Whatever videos make us feel creatively fulfilled, I'm killer.

  • Nothing.

  • Oh, nothing.

  • Kiszla past me.

  • Nothing will survive the members.

  • Nothing can even scare me.

  • It's it's just it's moving to.

  • Can you solve this thing is impossibly fast player and word.

  • So here we are, starting in Canada 2020.

  • Let's see what creative changes we have to bring to the channel.

  • It also like to mention that I was supposed to record this video sitting in this chair like that.

  • My my adult chair Here I continuously move him from my chair.

  • Put him over there.

  • I put him over there Over there.

  • I came back and he just wants to be.

  • And this chair is Every time I moved him, he hot back into the chair and I was like, You know that chairs for me?

  • Because I'm an adult.

  • He's like, Oh, hello, everybody.

  • Members here, This absolute diva Cats.

  • No, this is my This is my chair.

  • Such a diva.

is this thing on wear alive?

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We've Moved To Canada

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/08/16
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