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  • Today I am going to show you how you can take

  • The cordless phone with an answering machine

  • And use the cordless handset to caption the answering machine

  • With the Captioncall telephone

  • So here you'll notice I have the actual cordless

  • And down at the bottom of this cordless phone where it says mute.

  • You'll see there is an actual envelope

  • So, you see the envelope there

  • That is the actual button that activates

  • The answering machine over the cordless handset

  • So now I am going to show you how to

  • Do this using the Captioncall phone

  • Including saving the conversations

  • So you can go back and read it later

  • So let's begin...

  • So the first thing I tell customers is to simply

  • Push the menu button on the Captioncall phone

  • And you're going to get 4 options

  • It doesn't matter which of these 4 you select

  • You can select any one of them

  • And then at the bottom left you'll see an envelope and question mark

  • So we want to select the envelope

  • And it gives you two options

  • One for voicemail if it's set

  • And the second for Captioning Answering Machine

  • So what we are going to do is select Caption Answering Machine

  • And then we are going to take the handset OFF the hook and lay it "face-up"

  • So that the mic (mouthpiece) is able to take in sound

  • So at this point we are going to go back to the cordless phone

  • And push that envelope button on the bottom

  • (place the cordless phone next the handset mouthpiece)

  • (message is playing while the Captioncall phone captions it)

  • (message continues to play and get captioned)

  • At any time that you want to SAVE this conversation

  • While you're getting the captioning on the screen

  • There is a little button up here at the top left

  • It sort of looks like the map of the United States

  • And it has a little plus sign

  • Just touch that and turn it green

  • Make sure you do this BEFORE you hang the phone up

  • Because if you hang the phone up before

  • You turn that button green it won't save the conversation

  • So now its green and the captions are still going

  • So all you have to do at this point is finish the conversation

  • Or the answering machine...

  • And just hang up the telephone

  • So at this point you'll want to go back so that you can read

  • The captioning so that you can verify phone numbers

  • Or whatever is of information that you are seeking

  • So what we are going to do is press Menu

  • And we're going to go to Saved Calls

  • The same little symbol that you saw on the screen at the top left

  • And the latest log will always be at the top

  • Notice that the dates and the time are showing on the side

  • So this is showing 9:57AM and this is showing the dates of older logs

  • So to activate this log we just touch that

  • Then it opens and you are now able to take your finger and scroll

  • Through the information and to get back to that

  • Telephone number we were looking for

  • 503-256-6440

  • And so, that's how you do it

  • Now if you want to get rid of this log

  • You don't want to keep it any more

  • You can go up to the trashcan and select it

  • And it will give you the option to delete it

  • And now that log is gone

  • I hope this helps.

  • Have a great day!

Today I am going to show you how you can take

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Using Cordless Unit With Captioncall To Caption Answering Machine

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    Lam Serena   posted on 2014/05/18
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