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  • I'm Russell Kane.

  • Comedian and podcast host and I want to talk about the icon,

  • Queen Victoria.

  • Born in Kensington Palace in 1819, her father died when she was a baby

  • leaving Victoria to a lonely childhood,

  • where she was groomed for the throne.

  • In 1837, aged just 18, she became Queen.

  • She married her cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in 1840.

  • Victoria fell in love with Albert, his Christmas trees

  • and his unusual... [CLEARS THROAT]

  • ...down below jewellery.

  • Albert died of typhoid fever in 1861, but not before Victoria had

  • squeezed out nine children.

  • But guess what? Turns out she was an awful mother.

  • She was disgusted by babies and she resented them keeping her away

  • from her beloved Albert. All she wanted to do was spend time with him.

  • She said this...

  • That's from one of Victoria's letters - so not a fan.

  • And when her daughter Alice got married

  • it was, according to one of her letters...

  • She didn't want Beatrice to marry either and when Beatrice got engaged,

  • Victoria used notes to communicate with her at mealtimes.

  • Wow, Victoria using notes instead of talking to her - that's cold.

  • Now I feel guilty 'cause I only ever drop my mum a text.

  • But here's a positive you maybe weren't expecting.

  • Victoria's diaries reveal she unashamedly loved sex.

  • She wrote...

  • But is it so shocking?

  • Everyone loves sex, maybe we're just shocked because it's coming from

  • the woman we remember as the grumpy old monarch in her mourning clothes.

  • Maybe we're just shocked because it's coming from a woman.

  • For all her ramped up sexiness though, there's a rumour that

  • Victoria wouldn't pass laws on lesbianism

  • because she didn't believe it existed.

  • Fun and games aside, there's one dodgy fact you cannot dodge,

  • when you're talking about Queen Victoria.

  • She was the figurehead of the British Empire.

  • While Victoria was Queen, 1,000,000 people died unnecessarily

  • in the Irish Potato Famine.

  • Africa was carved up by Europeans, scrambling to take advantage

  • of the continent's natural resources.

  • There were concentration camps in the Boer War.

  • Men, women and children died in the 1857 Indian Rebellion.

  • Perhaps worst of all, millions of Indian people died in famines

  • while she was empress.

  • A couple of points in Victoria's defence here and I promise I'm not

  • just pathetically grovelling for a knighthood.

  • First of all, how involved could Victoria have been

  • in The Colonies in real terms?

  • She only had updates every couple of weeks

  • and she was surrounded by advisors who did the nuts and bolts

  • business of administering the Empire.

  • Something else, she once made a personal donation of £2,000

  • to those starving during the Irish Potato Famine.

  • So that would suggest she wasn't entirely comfortable with what

  • her Empire was doing.

  • And remember, she also condemned atrocities on both sides

  • during the Indian Rebellion.

  • And add to that, she was firm in her belief that there should be

  • religious freedom in India.

  • So can she be held responsible? You decide.

  • Anyway, there's some facts, do what you will.

  • She was an emotionally repressed nookie addict who was also

  • the figurehead of the British Empire.

  • I'm off for a piercing.

  • Thanks for watching.

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  • See you again soon!

I'm Russell Kane.

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