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  • When did this movement start where people started to hate the country?

  • I mean, when I grew up, I don't remember seeing any of that.

  • And I'm just wondering, like, when did it start to seep in?

  • Where did it come from?

  • You know, one of my mentors says, um, political correctness is a manifestation of the lack of self esteem, he says.

  • It's over and over again to me.

  • And I always think, Do these people hate themselves somehow?

  • Is that why they hate America?

  • I'm always trying to figure out the psychology and trying to figure out where it came from.

  • Well, a lot of it starts with the removal of God, and I don't say that lightly.

  • I think if you if you don't recognize that you're a sinful creature in need of God's grace, you lack the humility to understand the limits of your own human understanding that that pride and ambition infect the human soul.

  • You start to believe you can solve the human condition alone, that your rights are given to you by a government, not by God.

  • And there's been a concerted attempt to erode the influence of God in American life and our founders understood that righteous people were required to maintain a republic.

  • When did it all start?

  • I mean, the progressive movement is 100 year project.

  • If you look at public education, government education, it's effectively 100 year project that started very small to take over our classrooms.

  • It had a big culture, and I'm gonna oversimplify here.

  • But it had a big cultural moment in the sixties where there was a rejection of sort of traditional Western civilization orthodoxy on.

  • And then those those rebels effectively made their way into positions of power to the point where now they're the professor's on the politicians who have who have now rewritten the curriculum that's influencing young minds.

  • And when you see how it happens, it makes sense.

  • The worst ideas on the planet pushed by leftist, our first laundered in the Ivy League.

  • It's Ivy League schools that the lead institutions that take the weirdest ideas that make no sense have no common sense basis or basis in Americanism America's project, and they start to hold seminars and white papers and articles, and they start demanding safe spaces for on campus and symposiums.

  • And pretty soon, students there are getting used to it, and then The New York Times takes it writes about this new trend.

  • And then that new trend makes its way into the curriculum first of higher levels and then lower, lower down.

  • Then they start to hire through teaching colleges and others professors who believe and perpetuate those views.

  • And pretty soon, Howard Zinn's People's History of America is the textbook being taught, which is, if actually a textbook that says America is the bad guy of history.

  • So you slowly but surely takeover elite institutions demand orthodoxy and views and then push that conformity down and educational institutions all the while using culture, which is far more important to introduce ideas that that would otherwise politically be untenable.

  • And we've seen that you get We had Supreme Court cases that got rid of God in schools and in prayer.

  • In schools in the fifties and sixties, you had Roe v.

  • Wade a lot.

  • All of these things change the way in which we viewed ourselves.

  • Pretty soon, conservatives were on the defense, uh, and you start to look around and I would not public high school in the 19 nineties, and I felt like I absorbed patriotism, love of country, free market economics, sort of through osmosis.

  • It was felt more or less standard in school.

  • If you open up the textbooks of kids today, you wouldn't recognize it.

  • And administrators the holding toe leftists, especially with this common core ideology being pushed down from Washington.

  • There is an agenda.

  • The teachers that love America are fewer and far between not to say the teachers or bad guys, but curriculum is dictated on.

  • Then kids want toe, get good grades and be liked.

  • And so they sort of follow the whole view.

  • And and that's why if I had a dollar, when I go out and speak for every person that came up to me and said, I had a good patriot on my hands until I set him off to college and then they came back, shaming me for not being woke enough, I'd be a rich man and and that's how you change cultures in the classroom, Abraham Lincoln once said.

  • The philosophy of the school room and one generation becomes the philosophy of government in the next.

When did this movement start where people started to hate the country?

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