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  • cats, cats and more cats.

  • Japan loves cats so much that every year in October, there's a cat festival called the Baki Neco Festival.

  • Back in echo means changed cat in Japanese.

  • It's a type of Japanese yokai, or supernatural creature.

  • They possess shape shifting abilities and usually disappear into small cats for human beings.

  • I like everything that you need to know about these ghostly creatures in the description below and Rob Necco Festival in the bucket Nickel possible is like cats turning into ghost.

  • That's kind of like a mythical creature, and people celebrated against its hollow mean so everyone's dressed up his cats.

  • Today, we're gonna walk around and check it out.

  • Lots of action.

  • Lots of action.

  • Around Halloween, everyone dresses up as cat creatures, even the kids.

  • People gather around to enjoy face painting performances and the buck in Echo Parade.

  • Shocked to see how many people young and old, got into the spirit, we set out to explore and find some of the best costumes of the festival.

  • Oh, like right by got a hot dog Hot dog.

  • I had one so long a rice ball and was only like 233 young broke.

  • Donate?

  • Yeah, You dancing like this is gonna cause a test.

  • May go catatonic.

  • You better shut your me out.

  • Don't be such a I don't know, really.

  • Not much cuter right now, but they're gonna start a parade.

  • Looks like people are getting ready to line up with.

  • Everybody was taking pictures of me when I had a corn dog in my mouth.

  • Have you see me on the internet?

  • In my mouth, they have a few handmade cat themed gifts and souvenirs you can buy.

  • And after some convincing, we got our cameraman Tyler to get its face painted.

  • I actually love that.

  • Anyone?

  • I'm too short.

  • We're waiting for the festival right now.

  • We found our spot after running around like crazy.

  • So cute.

  • So easy going that really?

  • I can tell.

  • That was a fake call.

  • Real way parade.

  • It was cute, and it seems like everyone is welcome, but you still have to register for it.

  • I was in the parade way to register, you know, like face painted to give me this Well is like 500.

  • Get in the thing in the thousands.

  • I think I'm pretty sad.

  • Fine.

  • After today but don't expect any food stalls or anything Todo parade and straight home.

  • So don't need to subscribe in like this video and calm it down below.

  • What your favorite part of the festival was meat, but a little bit.

  • No, thank you guys for watching.

  • Don't forget to like this video and subscribe to this channel for more content like this and common down below.

  • What types of festivals you like to go to where you're from and I'll see you guys in the next video.

cats, cats and more cats.

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MEANWHILE IN JAPAN // Halloween Ghost Cat Festival // Bakeneko

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/08/14
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