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  • Look, you know, we here in the polls and this and that, and he's way behind in 15 point sound.

  • Where do you think we really are right now?

  • I think we're close.

  • I don't I don't believe the polls.

  • You shouldn't believe the polls.

  • They've been.

  • They were just wrong.

  • In 2016 Michael Dukakis was up 17 points over George H.

  • W.

  • Bush at this time in that election cycle in 1980 Hate.

  • So polls always over sample Democrats.

  • Polls are just a snap snapshot.

  • In time.

  • National polls are useless in a state by state electoral college race.

  • Ask Hillary Clinton about that, so I'm looking at battleground states.

  • Internal polling shows it much closer on both sides and whatever's public, Uh, and so I also think there It's a very real thing that you have a lot of silent trump voters, and I think some people say, Oh, that's Ah, that's a lazy thing to say.

  • You don't know that I have been across America as much as anybody interacting with Trump voters over the last three years.

  • That's one of the great privileges I have on Fox and friends, as I do these diners segments where ago across the country and talk to regular folks.

  • And we talk about politics and again, time and time again.

  • People are saying I run a business or I have a job or I'm a teacher or I'm a coach And if I said anything on Facebook or Twitter about supporting Trump, I'd be done or I'd be demonized her.

  • I be ostracised.

  • You think they're talking to a pollster when they're calling him, It's just it's just not happening.

  • And so there is definitely isn't under count.

  • The question is how much it will be.

  • I here's Here's the thing.

  • I I do believe that Donald Trump will win handily on election night.

  • I obviously have a supporter.

  • Obviously, I'm biased and I acknowledge that.

  • But I think in light of where the left has gone, they've created such a contrast that even say, white female suburban voters who may not, who may be turned off by the brusqueness of Trump will say, I can't be for the defund, the police guys.

  • I just can't do that.

Look, you know, we here in the polls and this and that, and he's way behind in 15 point sound.

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YOU SHOULDN'T BELIEVE THE POLLS: Donald Trump Can Still Win The Presidential Election | Pete Hegseth

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/08/14
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