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  • Let's talk about the book.

  • You say that this moment is more dangerous than any in modern history.

  • Talk to me about that.

  • And what is in American crusade?

  • Yeah, I try.

  • I try in the book to be candid, to be honest with myself about not getting stuck in moment ism or believing that my moment or our moment because we're living it is the most consequential.

  • I mean, we all suffer from that right that this is the biggest election.

  • But when you actually step back and look at the division in this country, the points of views of our political parties and then you overlay that on previous crises in our nation, this does look much different because when you're if you whether it's the Civil War, whether it's women's suffrage, whether it's civil rights, all of those battles which were fought over what America represents were fought within the confines of love and reference, love and deference to and reverence to the founding of our nation, to the Declaration of Independence, to the Constitution of belief that America is a good and virtuous place, and that we should we should.

  • We agreed on those basic ideas at Martin Luther King held up the Bible in those marches on and in Washington, D.

  • C.

  • Saying Now, with the time to fulfill the Gospel, fulfill the declaration, fulfill the promise of our country because America is a beautiful place that should be enjoyed by all.

  • Equally, it was always pointing back to the founding is a good thing.

  • Today were in an existential battle about whether or not America is a good place.

  • You have an entire generation off kids, and now politicians and cultural icons who have effectively said America is bad, Capitalism is racist and they define America as, uh, built by slaves and stolen from Native Americans and therefore illegitimate and effectively a scheme for for white people to discriminate against everybody else, as opposed to recognizing the sins of our republic, which are many because there's no perfect a perfect country.

  • You better go to heaven.

  • But so America, compared to heaven doesn't look very good.

  • But America compared to other nations around the earth, you understand why it's so special.

  • But they magnify the sins and make them the only reflection of what America is.

  • So when you're when you're debating with or politically battling with someone who actually hates the very country they want to take power of.

  • It makes our moment that much more consequential.

  • And if I may for a moment, what Donald Trump represents is the the expose, the exposing of the left, and I'll use a military analogy for you.

  • So with a worst case scenario scenario, you can get caught up in in the military as an infantry officer is what's called a near ambush.

  • It means you're in the kill zone.

  • You're surrounded by the enemy on the high ground.

  • They've got you dead to rights, and they're right on top, which means they can choose their shots and you're in bad shape.

  • You get caught in a near ambush if you hesitate, wait and try to, you know, pick a few shots here.

  • There, you're dead.

  • Your only option you have is to immediately seek cover, lobbed grenades toward the enemy and then charge toward the enemy.

  • And what Republicans have done as our republic has been seized by the left in the culture in the media in our educational institutions is we've sat in the kill zone and allowed them to crush the narrative of America two in Pune capitalism toe to dissolve the idea of citizenship.

  • And we just kind of sat there and said, Well, let's work together.

  • Maybe next, maybe women and it hasn't worked and we've lurched to the left in every way.

  • And what Donald Trump represents is the guy who said, I'm not taking it anymore, you know, we need to do we need to punch back harder.

  • We need a lot of those grenades and charge their positions.

  • And you don't know if you're gonna be successful when you do that.

  • But the one upside you you know you're gonna have if you do so with some effect, is that the enemy has to pop out of their of their concealed location out of the tall grass behind the rock they're hiding behind.

  • And now at least you can see the enemy.

  • You know who they are, at which point you can engage with them.

  • And what Donald Trump's presidency has done is exposed the left.

  • We know the fake news media are we know how bad political correctness is.

  • We know what the Deep state is willing to do, how devious Democrats are, and truly, how you look at the 16 19 project that's trying to re re establish a founding date for our country based on the arrival of slavery.

  • We now know these things, and it's our choice as patriots of conservatives to get behind the president in his attempts to fight back against them.

  • So I think the fact that we're on two different planets about whether America is a good place makes this much different.

  • 2020 selection will tell us a lot, but it won't tell us everything, because politics is a lagging into indicator.

  • It's downstream from culture, and so far we're losing on the cultural front way.

Let's talk about the book.

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THE AMERICAN CRUSADE: The Upcoming Election Is One Of The Biggest Moments In History | Pete Hegseth

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