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  • If you watched the news at all, back in the summer of 2016,

  • you probably remember stories like these:

  • “A guy who is brash, a guy who is blunt…”

  • Americans aren't willing to trust her, don't think she's honest…”

  • The news spent a lot of time dissecting the candidates' personalities

  • He's very forward and he's a little bit vicious…”

  • Analyzing their poll numbers

  • Closing the gap in states that matter most…”

  • And psychoanalyzing their supporters.

  • These stories are part of a long tradition of political journalism

  • where the goal is to make you feel like an insider;

  • someone with all the information on who's up, who's down,

  • in which states, with which groups...

  • And this kind of coverage basically treats an election like a big event.

  • Sanders! Warren! Buttigieg!”

  • A competition. A show.

  • And it's designed to make you feel smart as someone watching the election.

  • Donald Trump doing very well across the middle…”

  • Kind of like how knowing all the stats about a sports team

  • makes you feel really smart when you're watching the game.

  • Donald Trump in July, $80 million, by far his best month to date,

  • though that fell short of Clinton's $90 million…”

  • Sometimes we make videos like that here at Vox.

  • But there's also another way that journalists can cover an election:

  • Not as a show, but as a choice -

  • between plans, priorities, and visions for what a country should do next.

  • This kind of coverage is designed to make you a smarter voter.

  • Or, if you don't live in the US,

  • to at least help you understand what this giant election is actually about.

  • That is what we want to make videos about between now and election day.

  • Not about what's going to happen in the election, but what might change after it.

  • And to explain that, we want your help.

  • At the link below, there's one question we want you to answer:

  • That's it.

  • It could be a specific question, like, should we break up the big tech companies?

  • Or, why aren't more drugs legal?

  • Why do American companies give so little parental leave?

  • Or it could be a topic that's just been on your mind lately.

  • Like, what's the deal with the cost of college?

  • Or what's going to happen with college?

  • Or transportation

  • or food security...

  • Or paying for childcare

  • or student loans….

  • Whatever it is, tell us at the link below, or at

  • What's happening in your life that you wish they would pay attention to?

  • Your ideas will become the list of the things we explain between now and election day.

  • And then starting in September, we'll put out one video every week.

  • Each video will come from something you asked us for.

  • And if your suggestion or question inspired us, we'll shout you out in that video.

  • This year, and this election, are not turning out how we thought they would.

  • And the way we explain elections shouldn't stay the same either.

  • But first we need your help.

  • So thanks for watching. And thanks for sticking with us.

If you watched the news at all, back in the summer of 2016,

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