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  • Oh, hey.

  • Ever wonder how your mom knows what medicine to give

  • you when you're not feeling well?

  • Alot of "mom" knowledge and a little-but very important

  • thing known as the Drug Facts Label.

  • The Drug Facts Label is on all O-T-C medicines.

  • O-T-C stands for over-the-counter and refers

  • to medicines you buy without a doctor's prescription.

  • The Drug Facts Label can help you choose the right

  • drug for you and your problem-and to help you use

  • the medicine safely.

  • It's on the box or other container your medicine

  • comes in.

  • Here, the active ingredients and purpose of the drug is

  • explained.

  • Things like the medicine's name,

  • what it does and how much is in each tablet, capsule,

  • or teaspoon.

  • The "Uses" section lists what conditions the drug

  • will treat.

  • There's a "Warnings" Section that tells you things you

  • should know before using the medicine,

  • such as when NOT to take it, When to talk to a doctor

  • first and How it could make you feel.

  • There's other warnings, too, like things you shouldn't do

  • while taking it, and when to stop using the medicine and

  • ask a doctor for help.

  • The "Directions" part explains how to safely use

  • the medicine: Including how much,

  • how often and how long you can use it.

  • There are even parts that tell how to store your

  • medicine when you're not using it and what's in the

  • medicine besides, well, medicine.

  • Remember-all medicines-even O-T-C ones-can cause side

  • effects you don't want.

  • So follow the 4-1-1 on the Drug Facts Label to avoid an

  • O-M-G when you take your M-E-D.

  • For more information, go to

Oh, hey.

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Medicines In My Home: The Over-the-Counter Drug Facts Label

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    Eunice Lin posted on 2020/08/14
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