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  • All right babe, I think I'm ready.

  • Oh no, babe.

  • It's fine, it's fine, let's go,

  • let's just go, it's fine.

  • What the f**k does fine mean?

  • [7 insecure boyfriend moments]

  • [Even the most confident man can occasionally wrestle with insecurity...]

  • - You have gray hair. - For real?

  • Yeah, no.

  • That is a gray hair, damn.

  • That's crazy.

  • Just a little gray hair?

  • Don't just say that like it's nothing.

  • I mean, what kind of gray hair?

  • Is it an ugly gray hair or is it a sexy gray?

  • Can you break this down for me?

  • Oh my god, I do got a gray.

  • I still got waves though.

  • What?

  • - Cara! - James!

  • Hey, how are you?

  • Good, how are you doing?

  • You look so good.

  • Oh, thank you, you too.

  • James, why are you so interested?

  • We don't need you.

  • We don't need any new friends.

  • We're actually good just as we are.

  • Put on a bigger shirt!

  • Okay, so it went well.

  • And he's tall.

  • Okay, he sounds promising.

  • Ladies, I don't even get it.

  • We all come in different sizes.

  • It's so dumb that you all even all want a tall guy.

  • Some of you are like five feet two and you want a tall guy?

  • Why, so he can throw you in the air?

  • Can you at least address the fact that I am the perfect height for you before you continue on the tall guys?

  • Hey babe, some of the guys called me.

  • We're gonna have a guys' night out, hit the club, be back around like two or three.

  • - Oh yeah, have fun! - All right, cool, thanks!

  • Hold up, you're little too okay with me going out tonight.

  • What are you doing tonight?

  • Oh my god, babe.

  • Becky met Gael Garcia Bernal.

  • Oh.

  • He looks so good.

  • He is so cute. - Oh yeah.

  • Like.

  • This guy isn't even that attractive.

  • His style is terrible.

  • I'm not even hating, but the dude's only five seven.

  • I thought you didn't like short guys.

  • I thought we had to be six feet tall.

  • He's in debt as well.

  • [No, he's not]

  • Oh, where you going?

  • I told you, I'm gonna go dancing.

  • I invited you.

  • Oh yeah.

  • I don't think I want her going out alone looking like that tonight.

  • Um, you should go with her.

  • You should definitely go with her.

  • I'm going with her.

  • [But we're not alone...]

  • Who's Samantha Class?

  • Just one of the girls in my class.

  • Oh.

  • Who is this woman that's texting you after 10 pm?

All right babe, I think I'm ready.

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