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  • It's no secret that I'm a time-lord

  • scheduling, planning, time management

  • These are my strengths

  • but with every strength, there is a flipside

  • so although I can schedule myself within an inch of my life and be prolific as all hell,

  • I can also spread myself way too thin

  • and realize it way too late

  • ohh nooooo, wait noo

  • I don't, no, I don't like this

  • So, having been someone who takes on too much, too often

  • Here are the signs that I look for that usually trigger this realization for me and some helpful ways to adjust

  • Number one

  • you're exhausted

  • all the time

  • Whenever I find myself exhausted all the time,

  • I try to always schedule relaxation

  • whether that means I have to cancel or reschedule a previous commitment

  • it's worth it, because if you're dead tired, you're not going to do anything productive

  • Two

  • you're stressed out, all the time

  • Whenever I'm stressed out, I know that that means I have to slow down

  • So my favorites right now are: drinking a cup of tea, and going for a small walk outside

  • or sitting down and petting my cats for five minutes

  • 'cause normally when you get really stressed out, it also comes with headaches right?

  • So, you really just have to slow down and breathe

  • Three

  • you forget to eat

  • Oh! It's 6PM already? Pfft! Time for breakfast!

  • Don't forget to eat!

  • I do this all the time, it'll be like so late in the day

  • and I feel really upset and sad and angry and I'm like "Why do I feel this way?" and then you're like "Oh yeah, I forgot to eat"

  • Don't do this

  • Four

  • You're forgetful and drop the ball on things

  • [smack]

  • I hate, hate, hate whenever I'm not at the top of my game

  • If I'm missing meetings or I'm forgetting things that are said in emails

  • I know that it's time for me to take a look at everything that I'm doing and start trimming some stuff

  • because if you're doing everything horribly, you don't want to be doing it at all

  • Five

  • you wish for the sweet release of death

  • or at least a nap

  • Please time, *sob*, just slow down or stop and I swear I will worship you as the one true god of all gods

  • *cries*

  • I don't wanna...*cries*...I don't wanna, *cries*

  • This one's really hard for me, my tendency is to stay up all night and try to finish all the work that I have to do

  • but now I'm trying to go to sleep at a decent hour and just wake up earlier and more refreshed to finish it

  • because lack of sleep is a nightmare and you become a monster for the rest of the day

  • I wanna do everything all the time

  • but life is long, you know? You have to pace yourself

  • Realistically, you can accomplish three to five goals every day

  • and it is quality over quantity.

  • You want to be giving one hundred percent of yourself to everything that you're doing

  • Not ten percent to a bunch of stuff because you've taken on too much

  • I hope this helps

  • I'm Anna Akana

  • Stay awesome, Gotham

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  • I love expanding my skillset and challenging myself

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  • I've been really wanting to get into painting lately

  • so taking the fine arts classes has been great to kind of learn acrylics and see all the ways you can use this very diverse paint

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  • Thanks Skillshare! Bye!

It's no secret that I'm a time-lord

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When You Spread Yourself Too Thin

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