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  • Everybody feels embarrassed at times but nothing quite emphasizes the feeling, like a completely red face.

  • So the blushing serve a functional purpose, or as simply to embarrass you further.

  • Blushing is an involuntarily and uncontrollable reflex caused by the sympathetic nervous system, which activates your fight or flight response.

  • The release of adrenaline speeds up your heart rate and breathing, dilates your pupils and redirect energy to your muscles.

  • All these effects contribute to the feelings you experience when embarrassed.

  • But the adrenaline also dilates your blood vessels to improve blood flow and oxygen delivery.

  • Interestingly, even though veins generally don't respond to adrenaline,

  • the ones in your face do.

  • But this effect is entirely exclusive to humans.

  • The scientists still out on this one; even Charles Darwin commented that blushing is

  • "The most peculiar and most human of all expressions."

  • But there are some scientific theories into why we blush.

  • The main theory suggests that blushing evolved as a means to show regret or remorse

  • within the social codes of human society.

  • By blushing, we're showing others that we recognise we misstepped socially

  • and in many ways, it acts as an nonverbal physical apology for our mistake.

  • In this sense, blushing is purely social-based.

  • And it's much more reliable than a verbal or behavioral expression of remorse

  • ,which can be controlled or faked.

  • To the people who see you blush, they understand from experience what you're feeling.

  • Interestingly, this aligns with another theory that our strong color vision developed to be exceptional at to deducing hue changes

  • and skin and as a result, emotions.

  • serveral studies have found that poeple who blushed after a social-mashup

  • are much more favorable to onlookers.

  • So blush! It's a helpful bodily signal with the face saving peoperty.

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Everybody feels embarrassed at times but nothing quite emphasizes the feeling, like a completely red face.

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