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  • And what's a day in the life of Dan Crenshaw as a congressman?

  • What would be what would surprise us off what you need to do in 24 hours there?

  • Because it seems like a lot.

  • And it seems like a lot of things that maybe aren't in the job description that you might learn when you get there.

  • What, you know, What is it like there, Um, on a given day in Washington?

  • Birds is a given day, and Houston is very different things.

  • Everything's been a little strange lately, cause everything's like this over zoom eso.

  • Normally it's going from event a little Saint Houston.

  • It's going from event to event from this, you know, maybe this group or association is hosting a lunch.

  • You go do that.

  • It's all about just interacting with people.

  • Very little of a member of Congress is work is in an office at their computer, going through emails.

  • That's just not what we dio.

  • Um, you know, we do the things that that only we can do, which is that the interaction with with constituents, maybe constituent meetings, maybe town hall type of events.

  • You know, I like to do all sorts of different things.

  • I like to do.

  • Youth events like to go to high school, speak to kids.

  • It's a lot of that now.

  • None of that has happened in the last few months, but informally, that's what would happen in Washington.

  • Um, you have a series of votes every day, so it kind of moving back and forth between your office in the capital.

  • You know, before we start recording this at some votes and after we're done recording it all of some votes in a few hours.

  • In the meantime, we work on whatever we want to work on.

  • Maybe it's maybe it's legislative in nature.

  • And, um, maybe it's communications for May.

  • I obviously put a ton of effort into communications, and, uh, because I think that is, I think that is a bigger part of our job than a lot of members would would say It is, Um, I think they're wrong.

  • I think everybody should be working on communication may be the most.

  • That's why I do a podcast to do.

  • We're always looking at what's gonna be on instagram and is the content we're putting out compelling.

  • You know, it's again.

  • You have to look at this like you're trying to market information, and so we do put a lot of effort.

  • That's why do so many of these videos and why we try to fight the battles along cultural lines and and and find people where they're at on social media.

  • And not everybody is on every platform again.

  • Maybe too many representatives think they could just put out a statement and, well, I said it statements out that doesn't work like that.

  • You've got to get it in front of people and, um, and again find them where they're at and make that content and information compelling.

  • So obviously, we put a lot of effort into that way.

And what's a day in the life of Dan Crenshaw as a congressman?

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THE DAY IN THE LIFE OF A CONGRESSMAN: Rep. Dan Crenshaw Talks About The Difficulties Of Politics

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/08/08
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