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  • Hi, I'm Sam from BBC Learning English.

  • People in the UK have a reputation for saying 'sorry' a lot,

  • so let's have a look at different ways you can use to do this.

  • So: - You can say 'sorry'

  • - you can 'be sorry'

  • - and you can 'apologise'.

  • In each case, we use the preposition 'to' with a person and 'for' to give the reason we're apologising:

  • 'I said sorry to my friend for forgetting her birthday.'

  • After 'for' you can use a gerund or a noun.

  • But if you want a simple statement to say 'I was wrong', you can use any of these.

  • Careful who you say these to – 'my bad!' is very informal and you would probably only use it after making a small mistake.

  • 'It won't happen again' is probably better in more serious situations.

Hi, I'm Sam from BBC Learning English.

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Ways to say 'sorry' Part 1 - English In A Minute

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    Hikaru Kadota posted on 2020/08/04
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