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  • Hey guys, this is Rafi welcome to a lazy vlog today

  • Today is Sunday, and I'm basically the whole day here in my room

  • My host family went somewhere in the city

  • My room is a complete mess today, I have to clean this up and...

  • You know, this is where I put all my clothes and then here and this is my desk where I usually study

  • umm... this is a...

  • well, I think I don't have to comment that xd

  • But yeah, this is the view from my window. It's nothing special...

  • It's basically... I live in a... "community" here in Beijing

  • Basically how Beijing works in a lot of places is that there are some... well, kind of communities of flats, you know

  • I live in a flat and then there are these other flats...

  • I'm just watching the second season of Boku no Hero Academia

  • Because I want to study Japanese in about 20 minutes

  • But every time before I study Japanese I watch one episode of an anime

  • To kind of get me motivated because when I hear the language, I instantly want to study it

  • It's like a trigger for me, when I hear the language I'm like.. amazed how it works and then I want to study

  • So yeah, I always watch like one episode and then I study for like 30 minutes also earlier

  • Also earlier I was editing Rafi's vlog #11, but... this is Rafi's vlog #11. This is gonna be number 12

  • I'm just kind of stuck. I don't really know how to address this

  • Maybe I can try to explain this on my way to the supermarket, which is actually that way

  • I'm just shooting this way so you can see me, because here's a window and like this you wouldn't be able to see anything xd

  • So let's go to the supermarket now xdd

  • Waiting for the elevator

  • There is kind of a strong wind in Beijing today. So I hope the audio won't be completely shit

  • this is the community that I was talking about, basically a big place full of flats

  • and just.. just flats and this is like a small park in the middle of all of it

  • So the thing that I wanted to address is that there's a pattern in my vlogs that I noticed when I was rewatching my vlogs from Japan

  • The pattern was basically the fact that I was trying to give a theme to every single one of my vlogs from Japan

  • Which it... for me at least it kind of seems a bit unnatural

  • and don't get me wrong I'm not saying that it's incorrect to make a theme for every single one of your vlogs

  • I know a lot of youtubers do that. I just think that it's not my style.

  • Anyways, this is the district where I live umm... yeah basically...

  • It's pretty cool, pretty cool... big city it I must say

  • In my previous vlogs my lifestyle seems very exaggerated...

  • Propably over-exaggerated because it's all edited vlogs, and I've never actually done a vlog of my normal day like today for example

  • When I'm just in bed with my computer and you know water, bread, I just bought water and bread

  • That's just.. that's how I live, ok..

  • Because in reality I'm actually not that hyped, I just usually.. most of the days I would just like to stay in my cozy blanket

  • ..that is pink on the inside by the way..

  • and I just, you know, I like to chill, I...

  • I'm in my bed with the dozens of my notebooks studying languages and...

  • A lot of people are commenting that they are jealous of my lifestyle under my previous vlogs

  • which makes me feel kind of bad because to you guys it seems like

  • "Every day for me is an adventure"

  • But to be honest, the majority of my life is just me in my bed with my computer

  • Of course I want my vlogs to be entertaining but.. (ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ)

  • At the same time. I also want to be myself and I don't want to show you guys the unrealistic version of my life

  • Only excitement and adventures. I also want to show you my normal days, which is exactly this vlog

  • hi~

  • Okay, so it's the evening now, today I've just been like studying Chinese as you could see, umm...

  • And yeah, I've just watched the whole Leafy interview from DramaAlert

  • that's how you know that this log is actually recent xd

  • But yeah, I wanted to talk about one more thing in this vlog and that is...

  • Why haven't I made a vlog in such a long time?

  • It's because I spent most of my time here in China either in school, on my way to school, or on my way back home from school

  • So every day I come home at like 5:30pm, and then I have to do my homework

  • I have to study.. or either I just want to chill and just like watch your show because I'm tired

  • and... editing also takes a lot of the time

  • You see this is my computer. It's really nothing special, it's a lenovo.. I don't even know what the name is..

  • but I edit my videos on Sony Vegas and I have to say it's so slow like my computer is like

  • four years old now and it's like it's so slow that the edit that would normally take maybe..

  • ~4 to 6 hours then takes 10 hours, 11 hours, 12 hours, and that's such a big amount of demotivation when you just like want to do the video

  • But the program is so slow that you can't even do it at your own speed

  • Anyways, that is probably all I can say about the explanation for why am I not making as many videos as I would want to..

  • umm... so yeah

  • Anyways guys, I hope you enjoyed this video, just my normal day full of explanations where I've actually been

  • I'm in China for two months already, so yeah, there's that

  • uhh... So yeah, I'm gonna eat some some bread right now, and you know, go get some bread, too. I'll see you next time!

  • Bye~

Hey guys, this is Rafi welcome to a lazy vlog today

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My Normal Day in Beijing ?

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    Summer posted on 2020/07/30
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