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  • I've been on a diet.

  • We feel like everybody has at one point or another.

  • I've never per se been on a diet.

  • I'm a stress eater.

  • And so when I'm stressed out I eat a lot and then I get a little bigger.

  • So I tryto watch what I eat.

  • Healthy things.

  • I've never personally been on a diet.

  • I don't particularly like the word.

  • I think it just means restrictions, and sometimes he will go too far with them.

  • But I've always been extremely healthy eater, and I think that's really where it starts.

  • Yes, I hate diets, and I hate the word skinny and I hate the word fat.

  • I feel like as I grew out of my adolescence into my twenties, I felt like I personally tried to be more health conscious in, like cutting out so it does and cutting out junk food just for the sake of staying healthy.

  • Being active, you want to call that a diet call to diet.

  • I don't focus on numbers on a scale.

  • I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

  • I've definitely been on a diet.

  • I've done some really intense dia trying different things like Ito or Weight Watchers.

  • But to me, I would really like to do something that feels more like a lifestyle that I could actually do forever.

  • So I don't like the word diet.

  • You know, you could eat a salad every single day, and then that one time you eat a cookie, then you're gonna feel bad, have that one cookie instead of 20 cookies and just trying.

  • Teoh kind of keep a balance of eating certain things in moderation.

  • Many diets since I was 11 years old.

  • It sucks.

  • But I think what I've grown into later in your life is realizing that self acceptance is pretty key.

  • And just having a healthy lifestyle is also key.

  • And that also means allowing yourself the indulgences and being active about it.

  • When you can also up here and in here, you just gotta be OK.

  • I have been on Mandy a diet.

  • Sometimes I feel like it's a good way to find some control.

  • I think that makes me feel comforted because I like rules, but I also love to shove food in my face.

  • But every now and then, I think, sure, why not get rid of gluten?

  • for a little bit and figure out how it makes you feel in your stomach.

  • Or like maybe dairy is making me break out a little bit.

  • How about you take that to the curb?

  • But dairies hard cause I love cheese.

  • Oh, I've been on a diet.

  • I've been on multiple diets.

  • Can t remember how many at this point I know.

  • But if I'm like I'm going on a diet that almost insinuates that there's going to be an ending to it.

  • So if I'm really just trying to eat better for myself in my body and to just live healthy, that's just a lifestyle change.

  • I have been dieting since I was, like, 12 years old, on and off.

  • I feel a little different now because my mind set has changed about them.

  • I think diets work for me when I'm in a healthy state of mind when I am realistic with them and flexible with them.

  • Diets actually worked very well for me because I, like structure I have been on the paleo, have been on bad diets.

  • I'm honestly at a point where the goal isn't to die anymore.

  • It's more so to make better choices for a couple years now.

  • They got cut out different things in my diet and drinking water.

  • Dieting is not always healthy, and it could be very dangerous.

  • Remember when I was younger, I would go through diets where I just wouldn't eat all day.

  • Just eat very little, and I was sick After a while.

  • I have been on plenty of diets, and my first I It was when I was age three.

  • I don't love the term diet.

  • I just feel like there's such a negative connotation with it.

  • And it's kind of just associated with people hating themselves or hating themselves become this thing.

  • So I think it's great toe pursue like an active lifestyle, or to do things that make you feel good or eat in ways that make you feel better.

  • I've definitely been on diets and they've been really, really bad.

  • Everything from bulimia to borderline anoxia, where I would just like a handful of pretzels, drink crystal light that you sugar free gum for meals and exercise like a ton.

  • And then basically here, start thinning, almost passed out like bad, bad migraines.

  • Your body needs nourishment.

  • If you're naturally thin, that's great but its plus size girls or is nationally thick people who have a little meat on their bones.

  • Like we shouldn't feel bad about our bodies and have to be forced into this whole dia culture because it's extremely toxic and I'm against it 100%.

  • I actually have never been on a diet.

  • I eat moderately or I'll change the way that I eat.

  • If I feel like you know, I'm getting a little heavier or I'm feeling uncomfortable in my clothes.

  • But I never use the word diet because it had such a bad confrontation.

  • I've been on a diet plenty.

  • It's such as the life of a plus size woman girl kid.

  • I think I went on my first guy when I was 10 and yo Yo dieted throughout my life until maybe I want to say, 10 years ago, when I realized that dieting is just not healthy for me, because I would lose the way and then gain it back and some and then I would always be hungry, which you never want to be hungry all the time.

  • But I learned that instead I have to choose a healthier lifestyle and incorporate healthier foods into my lifestyle.

  • Incorporate exercise and moving.

  • And I found that I have lost some weight.

  • I was larger than this.

  • I used to be a size 32.

  • The weight has come off gradually, but I'm not channels.

  • Wait, I'm just trying to feel healthy and I feel better And I moved And I'm healthy.

  • You can never tell someone's hope by looking at hm?

  • So people assumed that I'm I'm at deaths door.

  • They can think what they want I know where I'm at in my life.

I've been on a diet.

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