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  • I am insanely pro joints.

  • I am anti George all the way.

  • Anti George.

  • It's I've only been short for the purposes of my segment.

  • I like to call them shorts.

  • I didn't know the phrase George, but I guess now in pro George E.

  • Feel like Jordan is a dirty where if they're like the long ones with the cut off set boys, where just a gene short?

  • It's ridiculous.

  • I would prefer to wear jeans over shorts just because I don't want to shave my legs and I don't want to put on lotion, so if I don't have Teoh, I won't do it.

  • But if it's really hot out, you got to do what you gotta do.

  • So I guess I'll shave.

  • These are like 90 degree weather, pair of shorts.

  • When it's hot, you just want to be able to breathe and you're going out, and no one really cares what you look like At that point.

  • I'm from Texas and so back down in the South.

  • This is just the uniforms in the summer.

  • That's pretty much all I'm wearing is denim shorts.

  • Just because they give me some movement, but also full coverage, you can wear shorts.

  • They look good on you like that's your thing.

  • You should do it.

  • It's just not a thing for me.

  • I have very long legs, and I have tried them over the years to find the perfect pair.

  • And they're usually too short, too tight in the crotch or too long.

  • My biggest.

  • The issue is they usually don't fit me in the waste.

  • Short shorts never fit me right in the waste because I don't have a lot of booty.

  • So one of our wish shorts, they just kind of slide down.

  • That's the misconception is that all?

  • Plus size girls have like booty and hips, but that's not true.

  • Like I don't have a lot of hip.

  • I don't have a lot of.

  • But if jean shorts are too short, they definitely like rise in the center and they give you like a wedgie.

  • You know, sometimes you put on shorts and they're just like, well, like constricting and you want, like a nice like stretchy pair.

  • Sometimes they can have the same dilemma that genes do, which is that they can be tight in some places and loose in some places a little bit tighter to the skin so that if I'm moving around, if I want to be a cop on a bike or do whatever, like I know they're staying put.

  • I like the rise on these because I have a long torso, so they cut off right at my waist.

  • My perfect pair of shorts is high rise.

  • I like to do a lot of movement.

  • I'm a very animated person.

  • So high rise.

  • So that way nothing you know, makes a surprise appearance at the top.

  • They're also, like, kind of long compared to what I would think like I would normally think of.

  • Jordan's is being like Daisy Dukes, Caesar, Daisy Dukes bear short shorts.

  • I do feel a little insecure because I don't often wear shorts that are these short for me there, too short, they show a little bit more upper thigh going on here than that.

  • I prefer just because the hottie and securities that fun stuff, I wouldn't mind it if it was like a tiny little bit longer, but definitely not shorter because I already tried bending down and I could feel the whole but was out, so I don't mind my short, short but this is like a perfect Appropriately.

  • If they're too short, my thighs will literally create fire.

  • It'll be first man situation like to rocks burst into flames.

  • I try to keep the shorts where that doesn't happen as much, but it's a header, Miss, You gotta really by the right ones, I have big thighs and so you're gonna get the chub rub and they ride up a lie method.

  • And my antidote is to take a stick of deodorant, rub my thighs and hope for the best in general shorts.

  • Get such a bad rap for being like your brows.

  • And it's like, No, you can literally do anything with it.

  • I feel like I'm Daisy Duke.

  • I'm part of the use of hazard.

  • I'm definitely where these this summer.

  • If you tell me you never wear denim shorts, I would say you're doing it wrong.

  • They go with everything.

I am insanely pro joints.

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