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  • - Howdy, howdy fruity toots!

  • Orange and Pear here with an

  • episode of Mythical Proportions!

  • - [Pear] Today we're showing you

  • how to train a dragon,

  • and Orange has asked to take the lead.

  • - Don't worry Pear. I promise to pepper in

  • plenty of useful info.

  • (laughing interrupted with a sneeze)

  • Sorry, pepper makes me so sneezy!

  • - Ugh! Did you just seriously lug

  • a pepper shaker all the way out here

  • just for one dumb joke?

  • - Hey now! No need to get so salty about it.

  • - Ugh!

  • - Now let's get to it before this episode

  • starts "dragon".

  • Step 1: Be clear and direct with your instructions

  • to your dragon.

  • Observe! Sit, dragon. Sit!

  • - Yeah, I don't think he's paying attention to you, Orange.

  • - Sure he is! Watch this. Dragon, keep looking

  • the other way. Do not pay attention to me, Dragon.

  • (dragon roars)

  • Now fly away! Burn down Cincinnati! Good dragon!

  • (dragon roars) (screaming)

  • - [Pear] Dude! You have zero control

  • over that dragon. It's just doing whatever it wants.

  • - Oh! That's a good one too! Dragon, do whatever you want!

  • Good, dragon!

  • (screaming)

  • - Oh, well. There goes Boise, Idaho.

  • You're doing a real bang up, Orange.

  • - Okay, okay, okay. So he missed behaved a little.

  • That just means it's time for Step 2.

  • Gently scold the dragon to correct it's behavior.

  • Bad dragon! Do not burn down Boise, Idaho. That's bad.

  • - [Pear] Oh, yeah. Not sure it's helping!

  • - [Orange] It's a process, Pear! Bad dragon, no!

  • Do not burn down Houston! Bad!

  • - Ugh! So tell me Orange, what do you do

  • if the misbehavior continues?

  • - In that case, it's time for Step 3.

  • Assert dominance.

  • - [Pear] Yeah? And how do you suppose

  • you're going to do that with a fire breathing dragon

  • that outweighs you 500 to one?

  • - Easy! Prop his mouth open with some TNT!

  • (dragon moaning) (Orange laughing)

  • Yeah! Not such a pyromaniac anymore, are you?

  • - Whoa, Orange! That's actually a pretty good idea.

  • If he breathes anymore fire, he'll blow himself up!

  • - Yep. Plus, his arms are too short to remove the TNT.

  • I got the idea from personal experience.

  • - Well, congrats! In the end you actually succeeded

  • in making your dragon behave.

  • - Don't act so surprised! I told you I'd pepper useful

  • info into this episode.

  • - Ugh, pepper again?

  • Dude, that's a horrible idea!

  • - I know, I get it. It's cheap to do the same joke

  • twice in one video.

  • - No, it's not that. It's THAT.

  • (suspenseful violin music)

  • - Uh oh!

  • (Dragon roars) (Pear and Orange screaming)

  • (upbeat orchestral music)

- Howdy, howdy fruity toots!

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HOW2: How to Train Your Dragon!

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    Summer posted on 2020/07/30
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