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  • It's almost like you say.

  • You know, look, Navy Seals aren't superheroes.

  • I've just been trained to do this job really well, and we do it really well.

  • Whereas a lot of other seals and I've had a few on, I don't know, I always we feel like there is this superhero air about it, and you seem to kind of cut through and just say, Hey, I can talk about my things and were highly trained, But I'm also kind of a normal guy.

  • I don't know.

  • Do I get that vibe from you difference?

  • Or is that is that you and your personality?

  • You know, I get asked all the time about the seal community, and I am always asked about my career and my take on speaking about my own career.

  • I feel I feel that truly you should be judged by your peers, and I actually shouldn't be able to give you a grade on.

  • You know, If I were to give you an academic grade on my career from a to F, I would give myself a C or a C minus.

  • And now that's not to say that I wasn't surrounded by people who did seem like superheroes because I personally felt that way.

  • I was surrounded by people who were more physically capable than me.

  • They were much more intelligent and articulate than me.

  • They were better at shooting at decision making, admission, planning it, Scott, fill in the blank.

  • So there are certainly are There are people out there on both ends of the spectrum.

  • You know, the seal community is a bell curve.

  • There is a bottom 10% and there is a top 10% and then 80% or so in the middle.

  • And, you know, perhaps you have sat down with more people who were at the top end of the bell curve.

  • When you're sitting down and talking with me, we're going towards the other end of the bell curve.

  • I'm the guy who tried to have a career is a gray man, somebody who didn't arrive on any radar screen of any kind.

  • I tried to do my job.

  • I tried to do my job well, I tried to enable mission success and not hold the people back who are around me.

  • But I didn't really feel capable of doing much more than that.

  • So there certainly are what I would consider to be some superheroes in that community.

  • I just don't feel like I am one myself.

It's almost like you say.

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ARE NAVY SEALS SUPERHEROES? Andy Stumpf Gives His Opinion On The Public Perception Of The Military

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/30
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