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  • We are a plastic-free, package-free grocery store in Los Angeles.

  • We wanted to make it easier to shop sustainably for groceries.

  • We are Joseph and Lauren Macrino from Tare Grocery.

  • A "tare" is the weight of an empty container.

  • When you come to the checkout, you remove that weight, so you only pay for what's inside.

  • We met up in the Bay Area, and we started shopping this way, got really accustomed to it.

  • We had a really hard time finding any way to do it here in LA, so we did it ourselves.

  • Start shopping this way, you really get used to it, and it just seems crazy when you go to the grocery store and you see everything packaged up.

  • Once you get your process going, you have no waste at home, you're amazed that your bin is not full all the time.

  • It turns into like, a passion and a lifestyle really quickly.

  • For me, also, we went back to Australia where I'm originally from.

  • I can remember being on the beach that I grew up on and seeing a lot of plastic in the ocean and in the sand, which I'd never seen before.

  • We do strive to live zero waste, however, we're not perfect by any means, and we don't expect anyone to be.

  • We really want to encourage people to try their best.

  • Yeah, little steps at a time.

  • We got a whole store, about over 400 organic products, ranging from spices, herbs, nuts, grains, sugar, flours, dehydrated vegetables.

  • We have tea, a lot of snacks.

  • Package-free pasta.

  • We've got soba noodles, we've got udon noodles, spaghetti, rotini.

  • We've also got a bunch of liquid goods.

  • We've got oils and vinegars, kombucha, also "super foods," adaptogens, mushroom powders.

  • We also have some bath and body products.

  • Body scrubs, shampoo, conditioner.

  • We have a little retail section in here too with reusables and zero-waste alternatives to your everyday household goods.

  • And everything is plastic-free.

  • The store's about 95 percent organic, non-GMO, and we try to source as locally as possible, but sometimes that isn't always possible, but whenever we can.

  • We're still competitive with the packaged alternative.

  • It often ends up being so much cheaper because you're not paying for the packaging and the advertising and branding that goes with that packaging.

  • We now offer EBT, which is really awesome.

  • When we first stocked the whole store, just to see the little amount of waste we had after was incredible.

  • Most of the things we get shipped to us are shipped in double-layered paper bags.

  • And such large quantities, too.

  • We try and buy as big a quantity that we can.

  • We're offering 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper bags.

  • We also have glass jars for sale.

  • We are serving everyone.

  • And then post-COVID, we'll be able to use our tare away station.

  • After COVID, when you're able to bring in your own jars, you'll place it on the scale, the scale sends the weight of your jar to the iPad.

  • You'll take one of these microchips here, and you'll tap it on the reader.

  • That will write the tare weight of your jar to the microchips.

  • You'll bring it to the checkout, we'll actually scan it, and deduct the weight of the jar from your purchase.

  • Even during this pandemic, we really want to try to offer a plastic-free alternative to grocery shopping.

  • It comes across as plastic industry's wet dream for this pandemic because, as you can see everywhere, every grocery store you go into, they're double bagging your groceries.

  • It doesn't need to be like that.

  • Our store has been functioning really well.

  • We're constantly going around sanitizing surfaces, customers aren't touching anything.

  • We just hope to be a beacon of hope that you can still avoid plastic and shop sustainably during this pandemic.

We are a plastic-free, package-free grocery store in Los Angeles.

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This Zero-Waste Grocery Store Should Be Everywhere

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