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  • [crowd cheering]

  • Nice. That was most of you. Some of you got nervous.

  • Like, this chick looks Mormon. Okay, ha ha.

  • It's fine. I know what it is.

  • I got a real bad case of I'll raise your baby face.

  • Just very wholesome. Round and white like a chore wheel.

  • With eyes.

  • Men don't even picture me naked.

  • They picture me helping their mom on Easter.

  • Not that I think I'm ugly. I think I'm pretty cute.

  • But in an accessible way. Like when you see a shower curtain at Target.

  • -You're like: ''I could afford that.'' -[crowd laughing]

  • That is coming home with me. I got a gift card. Hey.

  • I'm what they call subjectively hot. Not everybody's cup of tea.

  • But somebody's gonna slurp from this hose. Know what I'm saying?

  • Like, we are fine. With the right lighting and bible verse on E-Harmony. Please.

  • We're good.

  • We are fine. But, I've never been a hot chick.

  • I have a lot of resentment towards women that have been hot their whole lives.

  • They get too much handed to them.

  • I watch horror movies

  • because they're the only place hot chicks are treated poorly.

  • Run for your life, Jenny. Should've invited us to the pool party.

  • His name's not Jason it's Karma. Run.

  • [crowd laughing]

  • It's not even her fault. It's my own insecurity

  • cause I was not cute growing up. I was a fat kid which is so much harder

  • than being a fat adult cause you don't have a car to eat in.

  • -You just gotta do it... -[crowd laughing]

  • in the road, you know?

  • You gotta work for it, aha.

  • I was an old soul.

  • Which is what adults call you when they don't wanna say loser

  • -in front of your parents. -[crowd laughing]

  • That's what that means.

  • If you don't know if you were a loser in middle school, let me help.

  • You can tell if you were based on how you react to one key phrase.

  • That phrase is: ''Okay, for the next exercise we're gonna partner up.''

  • Wow, a couple of people felt it.

  • Yeah, did your heart skip a beat?

  • And your stomach tightened. Maybe you peed a little bit.

  • You were a loser and I'm sorry you had to build your volcano alone.

  • [crowd laughing]

  • If you're thinking I don't know what you're talking about,

  • I have beautiful, perfect Polly Pocket hair.

  • Congratulation, prom queen. We all hate you.

  • [crowd laughing]

  • I don't know why I'm picking on you.

[crowd cheering]

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Taylor Tomlinson Resents Hot Chicks | Netflix Is A Joke

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    VM3 posted on 2020/07/28
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