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  • brain pay.

  • Charlie Brown.

  • Where you off to today to visit Snoopy.

  • Great idea.

  • I wonder what he's up to.

  • Snoopy's not here.

  • How very strange.

  • Where could he be?

  • Nobody is playing ball today either.

  • Where could they have all gone?

  • Wow!

  • Even Lucy is not here.

  • Yes, Charlie Brown.

  • I know that might not be a bad thing, but why is it so quiet?

  • Do you think everyone is playing a huge game of hide and see?

  • This should draw them all out.

  • Nobody can resist delicious ice cream.

  • Are you sure there is nothing?

  • You are forgetting, Charlie Brown.

  • A big test.

  • Has everybody gone on vacation?

  • No need to worry, Charlie Brown.

  • I'm sure they will be somewhere.

  • Perhaps they are planning a surprise party for you.

  • Wait a minute.

  • Charlie Brown.

  • What's that?

  • It's Linus.

  • His blanket.

  • Maybe Should take it to his house.

  • He might be there.

  • Linus, we've been looking for you.

  • We found your blanket.

  • You are very welcome.

  • Where's everybody been today?

  • Charlie Brown has been looking for you.

  • Snoopy's doing what?

  • Right.

  • Well, I guess we had better go help then.

  • After you.

  • What do you mean?

  • You've been here all day.

  • Linus.

  • We couldn't see you.

  • You were helping Snoopy rearrange his things.

  • He needed the extra closet space.

  • Wait.

  • What?

  • Yes, I agree.

  • I think we need to check out this extra closet space.

  • How big is this closet, Snoopy?

  • Very you are.

  • I like your new closet.

  • Snoopy.

  • Why didn't you tell us?

  • It was so big.

  • You wanted it to be a surprise.

  • Well, it certainly waas, wasn't it?

  • Charlie Brown?

  • Yes, it is easy to get lost down here, Charlie Brown.

brain pay.

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