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  • Hi, everyone, we are Kuogeous mei

  • In this channel, we are gonna share the love episodes based on true stories.

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  • Alright. Today we are gonna talk about what will happen to you if you don't stop an on-again-off-again relationship.

  • . Lily and her Japanese ex husband Keita had been dating for six years

  • and although there was lots of friction between the couple, they still decided to get married.

  • Unfortunately, Keita decided to divorce soon after the marriage in this summer and he immediately flew back to Tokyo from Taiwan after the split.

  • Lily was so depressed and wonder if she should buy the ticket to Tokyo to get her ex back...

  • Lily believed that they would get back together as long as she stuck hard enough to this relationship

  • so she just bought the ticket to Tokyo.

  • But c'mon dude, Keita acted like a douchebag.

  • He ran away immediately as he saw her

  • Lily was sad and disappointed. that she went back to Taiwan afterward.

  • She couldn't put herself together and even got herself laid off from her job.

  • Not only did she lose her job her marriage, but the faith in everything.

  • If she had not slid back to the old relationship, her life right now would have been better.

  • If she had chosen to visit her friend in Thailand, instead of going back to Tokyo to visit her ex.

  • She would have definitely ended up in a better result.

  • I bet most of you don't buy it.

  • and you might think Hell no

  • we will get back together as long as I believe in it

  • Well, however

  • I hope you can understand

  • Not every love story has a happy ending

  • and that is OKAY

  • If he really loves you

  • He wouldn't just turn around and leave

  • He wouldn't block you on social media

  • and ignore all of your messages

  • You still think you guys could get back together?

  • He keeps giving you a cold shoulder

  • So why did you still wanna go find him and keep chasing him?

  • C'mon he doesn't deserve you!

  • After such a long relationship, I bet you've already known who he actually is.

  • And what might have happened if you stick around for him

  • and and get yourself stuck in this relationship

  • Love is Blind!

  • Stop hoping he is someone he is not!

  • Don't be stuck in a toxic relationship!

  • Get over it!

  • Just like Lily

  • Go visit your friend after a breakup

  • And if you are lucky

  • maybe you can meet someone else who can really make you happy

  • Alright, so this story is based on a true story

  • I am not gonna say this is my story but..

  • you know what I mean right, haha

  • Anyway, you are not alone.

  • and ya'll always got us with you

  • your past experiences make you a stronger woman

  • Share with us if you have any same kinda stories

  • or experiences about sliding back into an old relationship

  • Leave the comments below

  • Kuogeousmei will keep sharing our love stories with you in English Chinese and Japanese.

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  • Stay tuned! Bye-bye!

Hi, everyone, we are Kuogeous mei

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(Love Advice) Stop your On-Again, Off-Again Relationship

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    delon posted on 2020/07/22
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