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  • - [Narrator] What if I told you,

  • you can literally eat fire?

  • Yes, literally.

  • (upbeat music)

  • In India, paan is a huge culinary darling

  • that's been around for centuries.

  • It's a snack usually eaten after a meal

  • to help with digestion.

  • It consists of a betel of leaf that's wrapped

  • around all kinds of different fillings,

  • like nuts, fennel, cardamom, fruits,

  • chocolate, or even meat.

  • You can find it anywhere.

  • But a small street food shack in New Delhi

  • is sparking a revolution.

  • - [Narrator] All right, then.

  • But back to the revolution he's sparking.

  • Recently, he had an idea that would reignite the classic

  • Indian snack his shack was famous for.

  • - [Narrator] I have a burning question for you:

  • Is it safe to eat?

  • - [Narrator] You're really bringing on the heat.

  • OK, that was a slow-burner.

  • I was just warming up.

  • OK, OK, we've already burned too much time.

  • (crickets chirping)

  • - [Narrator] So, there you have it.

  • India's hottest trend.

  • (upbeat music)

- [Narrator] What if I told you,

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You Can Literally Eat Fire With This Snack

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    Amy.Lin posted on 2020/07/20
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