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  • Ah, double trouble, here we go.

  • Okay, serious question, who's the Tia, who's the Tamera?

  • You're Tia for sure.

  • [twin struggles]

  • [constant reminders]

  • Oh my gosh, twins.

  • Oh my gosh, twins.

  • Oh my gosh.

  • [questions such as...]

  • Can you guys read each other's minds?

  • Can your family tell you apart?

  • Do you guys do everything together?

  • Uh, personal question, which one of you came out first?

  • [being treated the same]

  • Happy birthday guys, I got you cupcakes.

  • Twins! Happy birthday.

  • I'm a vegan.

  • It's not our birthday.

  • [no matter what...]

  • Hey Keith, it's 9:15, where's your brother?

  • I don't know.

  • Well I need you two to take this job seriously, you can't be late.

  • [staring]

  • [touching]

  • Can you please not...

  • Nope.

  • [and overall weird behavior]

  • [mix-ups]

  • Wait, you're Kenny and you're Keith?

  • You're Keith, you're Kenny?

  • Hey Keith.

  • Last night was amazing, like I can't stop thinking about it.

  • That thing in the swing, and then when we did it backwards I was just like oh my gosh yes, we need to do that more.

  • Oh God.

  • [you're cute, not intimidating]

  • Okay, stop it.

  • But you're fun size, I wanna touch...

  • Yo, she said stop man.

  • I'm sorry, man.

  • Hey dude, chill out.

  • Oh my gosh, you guys are even more adorable than she is.

  • You're like the dynamic duo.

  • [one of you may be more popular]

  • Yo Keith dude, don't forget about my party tonight.

  • I'll be there man.

  • I'm glad, it's gonna be huge.

  • It's gonna be dope right?

  • Oh yeah, yeah man.

  • I don't think we got enough room for everybody.

  • [but through the weirdness...]

  • This is crazy.

  • [you've got someone who understands.]

  • Maybe we'll be elected for president.

  • That'd be dope.

  • We'd be twin presidents.

  • That's never happened before.

  • I believe it.

Ah, double trouble, here we go.

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Struggles Only Twins Know To Be True

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