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  • Hey, already, I'm Paige Braddock, and I work at Schultz, a studio in Northern California.

  • And today I'm gonna show you guys how to draw Sally.

  • Sally has head shave very similar to her brother, Charlie Brown.

  • It's not a perfect circle.

  • It's almost like, uh, like an egg shaped.

  • So the first thing we're gonna do is sort of loosely sketch where her head would g o.

  • And then we're gonna draw where?

  • Her neck with Sally.

  • And then we're gonna do a little kind of triangle shape for her dress, the main part of her dress, and then she has a little skirt on her dress.

  • It's making it too big.

  • Short.

  • This is the sleeve.

  • Firstly, it's gonna be kind of a puppy.

  • Slavery there.

  • Let's rough in her legs.

  • She has nice short qwerty me legs, and her feet are kind of like little flat loaves of bread and socks.

  • Socks.

  • OK, now we're gonna go back to her hit.

  • So one of Sally's defining features is her hair.

  • She has this nice kind of wild, curly section at the front, and then she has thes little pointed I don't know what you call is, but a little pointed turned up bits on either side that come down and they go behind her head right about there.

  • So you see how I'm doing all these lines really lightly, cause we're gonna go back and dark and everything up.

  • We're gonna draw a line across her head right here to tell us where her years ago She has big year on this side.

  • And then her little back years kind of hidden right there.

  • Now her face line comes down all the way.

  • This is a solid line all the way around to her neck.

  • Then her hair just kind of drops in right here a little bit.

  • Hurry.

  • We're gonna go back and dark and all these up in a second.

  • All right?

  • Crazy curly bit right here and then little side.

  • Sometimes when Schultz was thinking this, he he would have a little the line would come in a little bit like that.

  • But it's different when you're drawn with a pencil.

  • All right, so we do this little live from the top of the year.

  • That's also to show us where her nose kind of sits right here.

  • And her eyes are really close.

  • to her nose.

  • She has I.

  • We're out.

  • All right, let's finish her outfit.

  • So she's got a little collar on her dress.

  • I still collar.

  • She got a little Koofi sleep.

  • Wow.

  • Everyone says you don't know anything, but you always smart to me.

  • Big brother fingers.

  • My short little arms is her back sleeve.

  • Only a little bit of that shows that'll a couple of wrinkles And she had always had a little bow at the back of her dress would just loosely put that in.

  • And you really she wore a pink polka dot address, and she always would her socks down twice.

  • Schultz had of this really nice lives, Organic, uh, thinking style, which makes his characters really hard Teoh to imitate.

  • Okay, what are we missing?

  • Oh, I think we need one more detail here.

  • So he's really happy because she's waiting on her Sweet, working a dark and everything really nicely.

Hey, already, I'm Paige Braddock, and I work at Schultz, a studio in Northern California.

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How to Draw Sally

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/04
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