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  • -[ Chuckles ] Hi.

  • I'm Taylor Mayhew, PR here at Amazon.

  • Recently, we banned the government

  • from using our facial-recognition technology

  • for one year.

  • We heard you loud and clear.

  • You said, "Thank you,"

  • and, "Wait. You guys were doing that?"

  • So to get ahead of things,

  • we're suspending some other Amazon projects.

  • For the next six weeks,

  • we're taking a break from shipping all of our items

  • in packages that collect your DNA.

  • We've received valid criticism like,

  • "Why does Amazon need my DNA?"

  • [ Chuckling ] That's a great question.

  • We can't tell you.

  • But now we that know it's bad, we don't want to do any more.

  • Also, for one week, we're pausing production

  • of bubble wrap that can hear your thoughts.

  • [ Energy pulsing ]

  • We started using mind-reading bubble wrap

  • to hear from you on how we're doing,

  • but now we know you don't want bubble wrap

  • to use its telekinetic powers to learn about the time

  • your third-grade math teacher caught you

  • practicing kissing on your hand.

  • And, finally, when you cancel your Prime membership,

  • we're gonna stop using your keyboard

  • to send tiny electric zaps to your fingers.

  • [ Electricity crackles ] We thought jolting you

  • was a practical way to remind you

  • of how wonderful Amazon Prime is.

  • Instead of going, "Ow!" you would say,

  • "I got free 2-day shipping on 'Lego Batman' on Blu-ray.

  • I've never been happier!"

  • So, to show our appreciation,

  • we're sending all of our loyal customers

  • a Teddy bear with very large eyes

  • that we encourage you to put on a shelf, facing out...

  • to show that we care.

  • Amazon. We're listening. Always.

-[ Chuckles ] Hi.

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