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  • -I want to talk about "Last Christmas,"

  • because I love holiday movies.

  • And I do love the song "Last Christmas."

  • -Yes. -And I love George Michael.

  • -You are going to love this movie.

  • -Yeah, I know. -You did.

  • -I did love the movie. -Good.

  • -I cried a little bit. -Aw, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

  • -It's very beautiful.

  • No, the ending -- you're going to love it.

  • -Yeah. -It's a beautiful movie.

  • -Thanks. -But it's funny, as well.

  • Well, it has to be.

  • It's Emma Thompson and Paul Feig,

  • who knows how to do comedy.

  • -Mm-hmm.

  • -Do you want to explain what the film is about?

  • -Yeah. Basically, we meet this young girl, Kate, played by me,

  • and she's a little bit of a mess.

  • -Mm-hmm.

  • -She sort of hasn't got herself together at all, on any level.

  • And it's wonderful, because she's kind of an anti-heroine.

  • So, you're normally used to seeing perfect girl

  • in romantic-comedy movie being, like, "Oh, I broke a nail.

  • It's the worst thing that's happened to me."

  • And, like, that's it.

  • Whereas Kate is like, "Oh, I've messed up my whole life.

  • And I'm mean to everyone."

  • She's not looking after herself or other people.

  • And then, throughout the course of the movie,

  • you see that she, you know, figures out a few things

  • that might make her live a healthier life.

  • But little, tiny changes that we can all make.

  • It's a really -- There's so much that you can take from it,

  • I think, if it just makes you feel like

  • it's possible to feel better about yourself

  • and about the world and about, you know, other humans.

  • -I want to show everyone a clip.

  • Here's Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding in

  • "Last Christmas."

  • Take a look at this.

  • -Would you like to give me your number?

  • -I don't have a phone.

  • -[ Laughing ] I was just beginning to think

  • you're not as weird as you look.

  • -Before you throw me in the bin with the rest of

  • your battered conquests, it's not completely true.

  • I do have a phone.

  • It's just locked in the cupboard.

  • -Why?

  • -I got so tired of staring at my hand all day.

  • I mean, you should try it.

  • -That's like saying you should try death.

  • -I think somebody really wants to get ahold of you.

  • -Yeah, no, I know.

  • Someone really isn't going to get the chance.

  • -♪ She drives me crazy ♪ -No.

  • -Ditch that.

  • All of your stresses will just melt away.

  • -Oh, but I just like stress.

  • [ Horn honks ] -Oy, you getting on?

  • -Yeah. -Your chariot awaits.

  • -Indeed.

  • -I'll see you at the store. -Okay.

  • -And don't forget, look up. -Oh, God's sake.

  • Shut up, will you? ♪♪

  • -Ooh! Aha! -Emilia Clarke, everybody!

-I want to talk about "Last Christmas,"

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Emilia Clarke Is the Anti-Romantic Female Lead in Last Christmas

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/03
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