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  • -It's Christmas, a time when friends and family

  • come together to celebrate the season.

  • It's been a great night, but it's getting late

  • and your guests just aren't leaving.

  • -And that's when you realize mistletoe isn't edible.

  • -Oh! -Oh, that's a good one, Jimbo!

  • -You've given them all the hints,

  • like commenting on the time...

  • -Can you guys believe it's 11:00 p.m. already?

  • -I got nowhere to be. [ Laughter ]

  • -...over-the-top yawning...

  • -Ughhhhh.

  • -I don't know.

  • -Ugh!

  • Ughh!!

  • -You've even tried standing up

  • and announcing, "Well, I guess I should be going,

  • since it's so late. Wait, I live here.

  • I'm not the one who should be leaving."

  • -Well, I guess I should be goin',

  • since it's so late.

  • Wait. I live here!

  • I'm not the one who should be leaving.

  • -Oh, boy, someone had a little too much alcohol.

  • Sit down, there, Cap'n. Sit down.

  • -When all of those still don't work,

  • it's time for the newest scent

  • from Yankee Candle's Holiday Collection.

  • Introducing the "Get the [Bleep] out of my house" candle.

  • [ Laughter and applause ]

  • It's the uninviting, new fragrance

  • that will let your guests know

  • it's time to get the [Bleep] out of your house.

  • Simply light the candle, and within minutes,

  • unwanted guests will be a thing of the past.

  • -Oh, my God.

  • [ Sniffing ]

  • What's that smell?

  • -You mean the Christmas spirit?

  • -No, smells like hot garbage,

  • like someone microwaving garbage.

  • Oh! -I'm sorry.

  • I just remembered I have a thing.

  • It's, um -- It's my dog's ballet recital.

  • -Oh, fun. We should do this again.

  • -Okay. [ Clears throat ]

  • -Now available in a variety of fragrances,

  • including Old Shrimp,

  • Sweaty Crocs,

  • Hot Broccoli in a Ziplock Bag,

  • Egg Fart,

  • and New Jersey.

  • Any one of these are sure

  • to leave your guests with a headache,

  • wondering, "Did I put on deodorant?"

  • -Hey, I think I'm gonna get going.

  • -No, you just got here seven hours ago.

  • Stay. -I'm just gonna

  • go run to the hospital. -Whatever you think is best.

  • Yeah, okay.

  • Scatter. Scatter.

  • -This Christmas, let your guests know

  • it's time to [Bleep] leave.

  • -[ Grunting ]

  • [ Cheers and applause ]

-It's Christmas, a time when friends and family

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Get the [email protected]*! Out of My House Candle Commercial w/ Ryan Reynolds

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