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  • I was thinking about time recently,

  • because I saw this headline.

  • And that's why I thought about it.

  • It says there are less than 90 days left in the decade.

  • How many people think we'll make it?

  • It's almost 2020, which is crazy to me.

  • 2010 was 10 years ago.

  • Time is moving so fast.

  • Like, I bet a lot of you are thinking it's Tuesday,

  • and yet it's Wednesday.

  • That's how fast it moves.

  • But I was thinking about it.

  • And so many things have changed, like in the last 10 years,

  • at the beginning of the decade, there

  • were three Kardashians and nobody knew what

  • happened at the end of Lost.

  • And now there are literally thousands of Kardashians.

  • We still don't know what happened at the end of Lost.

  • I don't, anyway.

  • The last decade was really good for me.

  • I finally paid off my student loans, which is--

  • yep-- strange because I only went to college

  • for three weeks.

  • But they say time flies, which is true.

  • But when you're a kid it moves so slowly.

  • Everything takes forever-- waiting for summer vacation,

  • waiting for Christmas, even the little things.

  • I remember waiting for my mom to get home from work.

  • And eventually I realized she moved and didn't tell me.

  • The new family moved in and I was like, oh, OK.

  • But time seems to speed up as you get older.

  • Like if I look back at the '70s--

  • bad example.

  • I don't remember the '70s.

  • But the '80s went really fast, mainly

  • because everybody was on coke.

  • But it went--

  • I wish it went faster because I had a mullet during that time.

  • And I think that was a--

  • yeah.

  • I look the same.

  • Because time-- I want to share a few tips to help you slow down

  • a little bit because everybody wants to try to slow down.

  • Tip number one-- stand behind somebody in line

  • at Starbucks who doesn't know what they want.

  • That will feel longer than an episode of The Bachelorette

  • that you're watching.

  • Tip number two-- that felt like a long time, right?

  • See?

  • Because you didn't know it was going to happen,

  • so it was like--

  • tip number three, they say slow down.

  • If we have a brand new experience, it changes--

  • our minds have to process more.

  • So I'm going to give someone here a new experience.

  • And raise your hand if you think that you're a good dancer.

  • Raise your hand if you think you're a good dancer.

  • OK, all right.

  • So I am going to choose the man who didn't raise his hand.

  • Hi!

  • Hi.

  • How are you?

  • Good, how are you?

  • Good.

  • What's your name?

  • Shelton.

  • OK Shelton, you're going to dance with tWitch.

  • It'll be a new experience.

  • And--

  • Whoo!

  • So it's going to be fun for us, and it'll feel like forever

  • for you, all right?

  • Come on out, tWitch.


  • Let's start in the middle.

  • Let's start in the middle.

  • Oh, that was great.

I was thinking about time recently,

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Ellen's Tips on How to Slow Down in Life

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/03
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