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  • This is a great time to rescue a pet.

  • Portia and I rescued a dog from a place called Wagmor Pets.

  • It's in Studio City, and they have a lot more pets

  • that need to be adopted.

  • I'm going to show you some right now in a segment

  • "Get These Pets Right Meow."


  • Get these right meow, even though I'm showing you dogs.

  • Here's the first adoptable dog.

  • That's Missy.

  • She's a three-year-old pit bull.

  • She loves all people, including you.

  • Bring her home.

  • Go get her.

  • Here's another dog that's available.

  • This is burrito.

  • She's a six-year-old teacup chihuahua.

  • Now teacups are small, but burritos are filling,

  • so you get it both ways there with her.

  • Here's another dog.

  • This is Rufio.

  • He's a 2 and 1/2 year old Shepherd Shar-Pei mix.

  • He looks happy, but he'll be even happier if you rescue him.

  • Look at that.

  • And here are two adorable dogs you should get your paws on.

  • These two have been there a long time.

  • That's Johnny and June Cash.

  • They're three-year-old Chiweenies,

  • and they have to go together.

  • What are they?

  • Chiweenies.

  • OK.

  • They're so cute, and they have to go together,

  • Johnny and June Cash.

  • Please go adopt those two dogs.

  • They're so sweet.

  • A lot of people had to surrender their pets, because they can't

  • afford to feed their family, much less their pets,

  • so these pets have to be given up,

  • and just-- there's a lot of shelters that, where you are.

  • Please go rescue animals right now.

  • Again, all these dogs and many more are available at Wagmor.

  • And speaking of pets, I want to tell you about something

  • amazing that Chewy is doing.

  • All right.

  • Chewy has already donated six million dollars in supplies

  • to make sure people with pets have everything

  • they need to keep their animals happy and healthy

  • while at home.

  • I am so excited to announce that today Chewy

  • is donating another $700,000 worth of American Journey dog

  • food to help pets across the country.

  • Incredible.

  • Chewy, thank you so much.

  • That's so incredible.

  • Thank you for watching.

  • Stay safe.

  • Be kind of one another.

  • Bye bye.

This is a great time to rescue a pet.

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Take Burrito the Dog Home in ‘Get These Pets Right Meow’

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/03
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