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  • Welcome back.

  • While Andy keeps walking, I want to talk about some

  • of the commercials that I've been seeing on TV.

  • Companies have started doing new commercials that

  • talk about quarantine and there are some new products

  • inspired by quarantine.

  • Here's one that I saw the other day.



  • The sound of your upstairs neighbor

  • doing Zumba at 10:45 PM.

  • Isolation.

  • An episode of Property Brothers that you're pretty sure

  • you've already seen.

  • Yeah.

  • Oh, unless you just want a little--

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Isolation.


  • The smell of a meal made with ingredients you

  • have left in your refrigerator.

  • Is that mustard pie?

  • Isolation.

  • A game of scrabble that seemed like a good idea an hour

  • ago but now has become an argument over whether or not

  • the plural of moose is meese.

  • Isolation.

  • Capture the essence of home confinement

  • with Isolation, the new fragrance from Chanel.

  • One smell of isolation and you'll

  • ask yourself, when was the last time I showered?

  • Isolation, personal fragrance and hand sanitizer.

  • Available at Macy's.

  • Are they still in business?

  • [CHUCKLES] Isolation.

  • That sounded funny.

  • Yeah, it was funny.

  • How are you doing?

  • How many steps, Andy?

  • Let me check.

  • 536 so far.

  • All right, $536.

  • Think of the children.

  • OK.

  • Keep Going.

  • All right.

  • All right.

  • I found it helps to see familiar faces like Andy

  • and tWitch while I'm in quarantine.

  • I also wanted to be able to see my executive producer Mary.

  • So I made her out of a mop.

  • I'm keeping her six feet away to be safe just because.

  • I don't know, just because.

  • Now, the real Mary is quarantined at home

  • with her family, but mop Mary has been very busy lately.

  • It turns out, this is not the only show she's been on.

  • Take a look.

  • 11th person voted out of Survivor, winners of war.

  • You need to bring me your torch.

  • The tribe has spoken.

  • Nick, who is the winner of this battle?

  • The winner of this battle is Arei.



  • (SINGING) And if you marry--

  • In our society today no wedding is really normal.

  • But even by modern standards, this is an unusual wedding.

  • You may now kiss.


  • Beautiful.

  • Oh, so pretty.

Welcome back.

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The New Fragrance That Perfectly Captures Life in Quarantine

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