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  • Oh, important meeting.

  • Everyone must come well back to work.

  • And my boss has called a meeting.

  • I wonder what it's about.

  • Maybe we're all getting raises.

  • There's Jonathan.

  • Maybe he knows.

  • Hi, I'm Professor.

  • But this video is all about work.

  • People's talk about jobs and things that happen at work.

  • Your assignment is defined as many work words as you can.

  • Don't worry, I'll help.

  • So, Jonathan, what do you think today's meeting is about?

  • The email sounded important.

  • Well, I have heard people in the building talking about budget cuts.

  • Oh, Budget cuts ways.

  • Who has been talking about budget cuts?

  • Mark in accounting, mark in accounting?

  • That's one person that's not people I know, But Mark knows everything that goes on at the studio.

  • That is true.

  • But wait, Look at us.

  • We shouldn't gossip.

  • That's how rumors start.

  • I will just go to the meeting and see what happens.

  • You're right.

  • No more talk about budget cuts, budget cuts.

  • Oh, no, I just heard on a and Jonathan talking about budget cuts.

  • That must be what the meeting is about.

  • When their budget cuts, people lose their jobs, not you.

  • You're a good reporter and It's not you.

  • You've done such a great job as a videographer.

  • I can't go back to being a detective Criminal scare me and I can't go back to being a teacher.

  • High school kids scare me.

  • Did you hear any work words?

  • They talked about a lot of jobs.

  • You can make the name of a job by adding and ending to a verb reports.

  • So he's a reporter Amelia used to detect.

  • So she was a detective.

  • If you teach your a teacher and a videographer, I think you understand.

  • Back to the story.

  • Penelope, Have you heard the news?

  • Today's meeting is about budget cuts.

  • That's awful.

  • What should I do?

  • Update your resume.

  • I've already updated mine.

  • I'll see you at the meeting.

  • Hello, everyone.

  • Quiet, please.

  • Quietly.

  • This meeting won't take long.

  • Then you can all leave.

  • What is wrong with everyone?

  • You look like I'm going to fire you.

  • Seriously?

  • What is wrong with everyone?

  • Excuse me, Miss Weaver.

  • Has Samona Well, everyone has been worrying about.

  • You know, we've been worrying that you were going to fire us.

  • I'm not going to fire any of you.

  • No reason for this meeting is to tell you what a good job you've been doing on give out new assignments.

  • Budget cuts have been happening, but only one person has lost their job.

  • Mark in accounting.

  • Now let's talk about those new assignments.

  • Miss Weaver's team is doing a good job.

  • You do.

  • Did you find all of the work words?

  • Here's a list you can check.

  • Watch again.

  • If you did not find a words, go to the V Away Learning English website to learn more.

Oh, important meeting.

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Let's Learn English - Level 2 - Lesson 1: Budget Cuts

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