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  • Hello, I'm John Russell.

  • In previous videos, I talked about the Vowels E and A E.

  • As in he it as in is, Oh, combine them.

  • He is the difference between E.

  • And it can be difficult for speakers of many languages.

  • There are some similarities between the sounds.

  • Your tongue is high toward the front of your mouth for both sounds, but there are important differences.

  • Your tongue is slightly higher toward the front of your mouth.

  • For e the sides of your tongue.

  • Touch your upper back teeth for it.

  • The most important difference is this.

  • He is a tense bowel.

  • While is a relaxed vowel to make e, I have to use more tension to make it.

  • I use less tension.

  • Some educators like to use rubber bands to show the difference.

  • You can start practicing with the vowel by itself, E isso.

  • Then try practicing with short words or phrases.

  • He she me is, yeah, fit.

  • Then try words and phrases that have both sounds.

  • He is feet fit.

  • After that, give your face arrest and drink some water.

Hello, I'm John Russell.

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