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  • Hello.

  • I'm John Russell.

  • Today, like every day ends with an A.

  • That's right.

  • Today we are exploring the vowel sound.

  • A You can think of a as hardworking vowel.

  • It shows up every day of the week.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday.

  • To make the A sound.

  • Your lips should not be rounded.

  • They should be somewhat relaxed.

  • Hey, hey, Your tongue should be somewhat tense and in a medium high position toward the front of your mouth If your mouth were a three by three box, this is where your tongue should be.

  • A has a few common spellings.

  • Many words that have an A plus.

  • Constant sound plus e have an A sound, as in save, Take, came, save, take came.

  • Another common spelling is the letters A I as in rain pain gain rain pain gain.

  • Then there is the E.

  • I.

  • G H.

  • Spelling as in eight way Wait, neighbor.

  • That's all for today.


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A2 VOA vowel sound spelling tongue gain

How to Pronounce: / eɪ/

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