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  • Hello, I'm John Russell.

  • Let's talk about the vowel sounds.

  • A and Air English has more vowel sounds than many other languages.

  • Two of these vowel sounds A and M are made in a fairly similar way.

  • You have to be careful about thes sounds.

  • Using one in place of the other can change the meaning of a word.

  • A and A are both front vowels, vowels made with your tongue more toward the front of your mouth.

  • But there are important differences between them.

  • Your lips should be slightly farther apart for the sound, and your tongue should be slightly higher for the a sound you can think of as a relaxed bowel and a as a little more tense.

  • In a previous video, I talked about using a rubber band.

  • You can use it for these sounds, too.

  • A ah a ah, I'll give you some example Words with a and A try to listen for the difference.

  • Get Gate 10 Tame bait that the next step is to practice listening for the sounds.

  • Then try making the sounds slowly.

  • You might want to keep hold of your rubber band.

Hello, I'm John Russell.

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