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  • Hello, I'm John Russell.

  • Let's talk about vowel sounds in American English.

  • There are about 15 of them.

  • Vowels include sounds like a or E in comparison to constant sounds.

  • Vowels generally require a whiter opening in the mouth.

  • Also, the owls often have less obstruction of the Airstream.

  • Pronunciation experts usually talk about a few key ways to think about vowel sounds.

  • Imagine your mouth is like a three by three box.

  • First, you need to think about your tongue.

  • Your tongue can be at a low level, a medium level or a high level.

  • Your tongue can also be more up in the front, middle or back of your mouth.

  • Second, you need to think about your lips and facial muscles.

  • Your lips and facial muscles can be either tense or they could be relaxed.

  • Your lips can be rounded or not rounded.

  • In future episodes.

  • We will show you how to use these ideas to produce the vowel sounds of American English.

Hello, I'm John Russell.

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How to Pronounce: Vowel Sounds

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/03
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