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  • this'll is everyday grammar.

  • I'm Alex Bryant.

  • It's probably no secret that I love cats.

  • I talk about them a lot, and I love my cat, but he can be irritating it tired, for instance.

  • I bought him a scratching post, but instead he likes to sharpen his claws on the chairs.

  • I have tried, but I cannot get him to stop.

  • He keeps scratching the chair.

  • Now they are ruined.

  • The verb keep has a lot of meanings in English.

  • We can, for example, use it to show that something is happening continuously or again and again.

  • When we do this.

  • Keep is followed by a Geren way often use this form to show irritation that an action or situation has not stopped.

  • Students keep playing with their mobile phones in class, for example, the ice machine keeps making noise, and my soccer make keeps kicking the ball too far.

  • Other times we use keep plus JaRon to give directions.

  • Keep walking straight until you see a flower shop on the right.

  • My house is the first building behind the shop.

  • You heard the speaker say, Keep walking straight to tell someone to continue toe, walk in a direction we also use it for instruction.

  • When you boil the noodles, please keep stirring them.

  • Otherwise they'll stick together, the speaker said.

  • Keep stirring the noodles to make sure it is done continuously or very often keep.

  • Plus, Jarron can be very useful, as you can see, and that's every day grammar.

this'll is everyday grammar.

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Everyday Grammar: Keep + Gerund

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/03
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