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  • This'll is a bonus video for this Siri's with examples of managing a communicative language classroom.

  • These methods are useful for large classes.

  • They helped to create a setting where students can communicate easily with one another.

  • Herring students at random.

  • The teacher asks students to line up so she can assign random partners.

  • Students talk to find their order in line and get to know all of their classmates.

  • Let's stand up and make a line by your birthdays.

  • January at the front, December at the end first February, May 7.

  • Okay, now bring the line around the person across from you is your partner.

  • This group.

  • Tell about your families, this group listen and take notes.

  • Please have a seat.

  • Please line up.

  • By the time you woke up this morning, who woke up early, Stand here who woke up later.

  • Stand here.

  • Okay, now let's divide here you will be shopkeepers and you will be shoppers, cooperative learning and their cooperative learning groups.

  • Students create a conversation in groups of four.

  • Students can choose from these roles.

  • The writer puts the group's ideas on paper.

  • The checker looks up spellings or meanings of words, asks questions and watches.

  • The time leader starts the group on the assignment and make sure everyone helps and understands.

  • The speaker introduces the group's conversation and contributes to group work.

  • Work with your group to write a conversation about food.

  • Each group has a leader, writer and speaker return to teacher Focus from group work.

  • When students have been working in small groups, the teacher may need to call attention back to herself in order to change to the next activity in unit six.

  • She has some countdown together to begin the next activity class two minutes left.

  • Please finish your work soon.

  • Okay, class Time's up.

  • Five 43 to one.

  • Are you ready?

  • Yes.

  • Good serving student pair work Sometimes teachers need to know if student groups have completed enough work to share with the class.

  • In Unit eight.

  • Teacher asked students to hold their fingers up against their throats to show her how many hopes and dreams notes they have written about their partners.

  • They want T o.

  • Okay, time's up.

  • Now show me the number of notes you have by placing that number of fingers on your throat.

  • Nice work Flipping the classroom in the flip.

  • The classroom students read and write at home.

  • Then in class they speak and apply the learning strategies in Unit nine students wrote an interview at home.

  • What was your homework?

  • Mimi, please read the project assignment to help us remember one.

  • Choose a job to what do you need to be able to do that job?

  • Regal list.

  • Three.

  • Great a dialogue if two people you ended interviewer for Bring the dialogue to class.

  • Thank you for watching the Let's teach English Siri's Like all the O A.

  • Learning English materials.

  • This Siri's is free for you to use and share.

This'll is a bonus video for this Siri's with examples of managing a communicative language classroom.

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Let's Teach English: Examples of Classroom Management

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