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  • my name is to in Dash on May conform Bangladesh.

  • I left my country In instances you're shown on Duh.

  • I came.

  • How?

  • Uh, not far only security.

  • I came far If you don't putting up with spare phone putting up with Id'ing Onda Freedom for living or survive I think, uh, a lot of bad things happening in our country.

  • De Onda already 16 righted like jars murdered by the extreme it So I am writing that novel about my social structure upcountry, basically Islamization of country.

  • So that is, I think, dangerous issue in the middle of a dedicated our interest to Shin changed by military dictator on the Bangladesh or the secular country.

  • And secularism was the one main point off for construction on his changed their English Islamic and Didi I wrote finished or crimes?

  • No.

  • Some or criminals.

  • Inorganic kitty.

  • And there is still no country on that.

  • They are doing their job.

  • They never condemned.

  • So for that way wrote organised them.

  • I know they're local collaborators apprenticing with you on right now in our country on there are a lot of their supporters.

  • So when we wrote admission them on, uh, this supporter sometimes on online are personally intended us.

  • When I first came How I got a cultural shock Right now I am feeling safe.

  • Well, I am writing freely.

  • I am writing in Nob Hill about my, uh, trophyless tech start up on today It is It is a language barrier is the problems.

  • But I'm learning I missed my family.

  • I'm one sewn up my parents I miss my parents on guy I had an appeal in my country.

  • Hey lived with me from two years or after I joined Get up his bag Literary society I learned from from them American culture under English also I did in my country Onda completely Mostar's on added also in English.

  • But I think our Palencia shown is different, becoming her every day.

  • I am learning also.

  • I love my country.

  • Onda had also my family, my parents and my nipple on my six stars On a lot off friends, I think Ah, that's his version of my country will be a good on Duh.

  • I will come back.

  • My country, I hope.

my name is to in Dash on May conform Bangladesh.

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Tuhin Das: Poet, Activist and Writer in Exile

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/07/03
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