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  • river than Bridget.

  • You're gonna have to crawl.

  • I look at blue this way of life.

  • It's a story a story told with music.

  • High, sad River road and bridge Blue lives.

  • The absolute truth.

  • Sometime, good, sometimes bad in life.

  • They're going to think about something they had actually experience a new smart did.

  • Try your best Blue Front.

  • Been a part of my life all of my way.

  • I want one year old.

  • My mom and dad had blue fun, so I grew up here.

  • It's always been a venue for blues musician and four back of that.

  • Remember, it has always been somebody coming by the blue for a good time.

  • You cannot play a good to be here are so so so dot running blue.

  • You can have a house 100 room.

  • Still got a foundation moved.

  • The foundation can't get around when you talk about blues music, Generally speaking, in modern times, you have to look back into the past.

  • You know another century and you're talking about the blues that came out of the Mississippi Delta and out of the American South but now influenced or caused these other genres to exist in music For me, it's always been the voice of a culture, you know, it's an African American voice.

  • It's the culture that grew up here with cotton plantations, very hard times, a lot of physical labor, the workers and musicians, then the entertainers, all of them really sang, You know, you sang in church on Sunday.

  • You sang in the fields during the week, and if you were a professional, you saying in a juke joint on the weekend, and certainly when people were singing out in the field, some people were singing work songs, sort of to speed things along to make things seem better.

  • But someone singing spirituals, summer singing blues out there.

  • So it's a music that is absolutely rooted to Mississippi.

  • And if you had to pick one region, you'd say the delta well, the blue in a little, but some good man and woman feeling bad.

  • It's about a lion 11 billion balloon role in my life way.

  • I worked on a home run, a change out there.

  • You couldn't temper you let the long so he's out.

  • I was a lot of what do you do in my life?

  • Starting, for instance, you can been playing God beneath.

  • It's just about to say that the blue team to where were the guards came from?

  • Out of that, you couldn't see them.

  • We have the signal.

  • Haden.

  • I did love little plate meeting.

  • We understand, I mean, and along with the lower left, may have helped instead of a couple tried to keep on doing it.

  • How are we going to be some value?

  • And there's myself.

  • The blues developed here in probably the late 18 hundreds in the early 19 hundreds.

  • Now, when we talk about the blues from a musicological standpoint, why How is it distinctive?

  • We can talk about how the blues follows an A.

  • A B lyrical style of what we mean by that is that when you perform the blues, your often singing a verse, repeating the verse.

  • And then there's an answer line.

  • That's that's a style of music, a style of lyrical structure, which we really didn't see before.

  • Around 1900.

  • The blues is the mother of all music.

  • If you don't like the blues, you don't like your mama convinced a ruler Music name.

  • My name is Bobby Rush.

  • Every record since 1951 I believe I'm the oldest black bluesman.

  • Maybe in the country.

  • Awake Forgot This guy was paying me $5.50 a night If I will play for him and we had to go in the back bar and was occurring that all white audio we played behind the curtain day in and night out What?

  • They want to hear my music but didn't want to see my face and people ever So How do you feel when you got the first Grammy?

  • After all the years?

  • Some odd years later 83 years old I felt so good I want the blessed, luckiest man in the world Actor goes to Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Cross the railroad track and grow 2000 black people Go on Beale Street about £2 Quite how blessed could be So I'm here to tell you I pay the booze Love all people because they all part of me Blue light cooking potatoes You may frown You made bacon.

  • You may cut him up.

  • You may smash it, but this year potatoes.

river than Bridget.

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Delta Blues: the Birth of American Music

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