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  • Good evening.

  • I'm Anthony Mason.

  • Hello.

  • I'm Wolf Blitzer in Washington.

  • Spinning Just report on the state s welcome to World News from Al Jazira News.

  • You are fake news, sir.

  • Information is an important part of our society.

  • People depend on it to guide them to a complex world.

  • The invention of moveable type in 15th century Europe revolutionized the communication of ideas.

  • This invention made it possible to print and publish information to masses of people.

  • This'll free flow of information eventually led to a free press in many parts of the world.

  • But because information is so powerful, many world leaders have tried to stop it.

  • French leader Napoleon Bonaparte once said he feared for newspapers more than 1000 bayonets.

  • The Chinese emperor who oversaw the building of the Great Wall famously used his power to stop published information.

  • Chin Shih Huang bordered the burning of thousands of books on subjects he wanted to keep from the people.

  • He even had hundreds of scholars executed for refusing to give up their book collections.

  • Even powerful leaders in modern times have succeeded in blocking material they do not want the people to see, as in Russia and China.

  • But when true information is allowed to reach the people, good results can follow.

  • Information has fueled successful revolutions in many nations.

  • Government atrocities have been identified, and world leaders have been forced to be held accountable for their actions.

  • Advances in media technology have made words and images more powerful and widespread than ever.

  • Smartphones and social media have become quick and easy tools to receive and share news and information.

  • These tools have even made it possible for anyone with a device to gather and publish news.

  • This media environment makes it important for us to be able to recognize reliable information.

  • True information gives us the facts to guide our decisions and actions, in addition to informing news can also divert.

  • This means it can focus Our attention on something we're interested in is a kind of escape.

  • An example would be news about subjects we seek out for.

  • Enjoyment such as entertainment, celebrities or sports News can also serve as a way to connect us as human beings.

  • This could include stories about tragedies or uplifting events that affect us emotionally.

  • Such stories can lead people to join a cause or donate money to help those in need.

  • No matter what kind of news we experience, we have to be able to tell whether it is authentic or not.

  • In the coming lessons, we will show you the steps how you can do this.

Good evening.

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News Literacy Lesson 1: Real News vs. Fake News

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