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  • This is everyday grammar.

  • I'm Wait, Where's Lucy?

  • A.

  • I'm here.

  • Sorry, I'm wave.

  • Did you walk the work again?

  • Yes, I did.

  • I told you might be made, but this does bring up an interesting topic.

  • Oh, really?

  • Which one?

  • Forming simple past Yes or no questions is really easy.

  • Yes, I know this one.

  • The structure is did plus subject plus main verb.

  • Did you walk to work again?

  • Did it rain last week?

  • And to answer these questions also in yes or no format, you would either say yes.

  • Personal pronoun did or no personal pronouns, didn't you can usually form simple past yes or no questions from statements.

  • I have too long statements here.

  • First, Susan studied English in high school.

  • And second, I saw Stephen at dinner last night.

  • How would you form a simple past?

  • Yes or no question?

  • Simple.

  • For the 1st 1 the question would be Did Susan study English in high school?

  • And the answer would be yes, she did.

  • And for the 2nd 1 the juiciest Stephen at dinner last night.

  • And you would say, Yes, I do.

  • And that's every day.

This is everyday grammar.

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Everyday Grammar: Simple Past Yes/No Questions

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/03
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