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  • In this lesson, the teacher gives students the responsibility of choosing a project and organizing themselves into groups.

  • The information students need for their role place is on cards they read and discuss.

  • In our last class, we learned about eating in a restaurant.

  • Let's use our role cards again.

  • You can choose your group projects.

  • Julia, please read the choices.

  • Open a restaurant, eat in a restaurant.

  • Good.

  • Mimi, please open the card with number one and read it to open a restaurant.

  • Come to this table.

  • Good.

  • Emma.

  • Number two to eat at a restaurant.

  • Come to this table.

  • Okay?

  • Please stand up and choose.

  • Now.

  • Emma, is there another card on the table?

  • Yes.

  • Everyone take a group.

  • Role card.

  • Good.

  • And what about this table?

  • Remember, everyone in the group hopes and have fun.

  • Ok, Any questions?

  • Mario?

  • How much time do we have?

  • You have 20 minutes.

  • Other questions?

  • Julia, how long is our role play your role.

  • Play is from 2 to 5 minutes.

  • Okay, I'll start the timer now.

  • Aziz, The students working groups.

  • They have several creative writing tasks.

  • One group chooses a name, creates a menu and writes an advertisement for their restaurant.

  • The other group writes a dialogue about ordering food and paying the bill.

  • We need a name for a restaurant.

  • I like natural food.

  • Um how about Blue?

  • Natural?

  • What kind of food do we have?

  • Greek food.

  • Homis Pita said, Uh I am a customer.

  • I am the owner.

  • Two minutes left.

  • Please finish your work soon.

  • Okay, Class Time's up.

  • Five or three to one.

  • Are you ready?

  • Yes.

  • Good.

  • This group please come up and do your role.

  • Play this group.

  • Listen carefully Answer the questions about their role.

  • Play with your checklists.

  • We are opening a restaurant.

  • Here is our advertisement The blue Natural now open.

  • This restaurant serves Greek food.

  • All our food is natural.

  • Here's our menu.

  • We have promise and pita and salad and meat.

  • Group two come up.

  • You're eating at a restaurant.

  • We like the bucks Coffee shop menu.

  • I am the owner.

  • I am past summer.

  • Welcome to please have a seat.

  • Thank you.

  • You Thank you.

  • The French fries are really, really good and they're 99 cents.

  • So Okay, great work.

  • Thank you.

  • You can have copies of these checklists in your next class.

  • Summary reading the instructions for the group work and finishing it independently can give learners more confidence in their ability to use English.

  • In addition, the cooperative learning cards also helped guarantee that everyone does an equal part in group work.

  • Next time.

  • Join us for Unit seven Way will teach critical thinking skills.

In this lesson, the teacher gives students the responsibility of choosing a project and organizing themselves into groups.

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Let's Teach English Unit 6: Group Projects

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